Redman Holds Down His Legendary Reputation On "80 Barz"

 Ahead of his 4/20 "Verzuz" with Method Man, Redman returns with hard bars.  

There aren't many rappers who can hold down a legacy like Redman. The New Jersey native has been impressing in the booth for decades, and he keeps his reputation solid on his latest release, "80 Barz." After years—and we mean years—of broken promises regarding the release of Muddy Waters 2, Redman claims that we'll finally receive the record sometime this year. Keep your fingers crossed.

"80 Barz" also arrives days ahead of what's expected to be another internet-breaking Verzuz involving Redman and Method Man. The How High brothers and longtime friends will bring their classics to the table in a smoke-filled, lifted virtual event that will be a one-of-a-kind experience. Stream Reggie Noble's "80 Barz" and let us know your thoughts.  

Quotable Lyrics  

I want pockets fatter than Bruce Bruce's  
I run with only captians on the cruise  
While you kiss ass, I'm on the front lines  
Spittin' like I'm unsigned  
Watch a n*gga unwind

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