Quelly Woo Is Surrounded By "Jealousy"

 Jealous ones still envy.  

Quelly Woo is picking up where Pop Smoke left off on his new project Tactical Pressure. The drill scene gets another sensational project, and Woo seems like he's ready to take off. On his single "Jealousy," the young rapper vents about trust levels and envy in his environment. 

The concept of jealously in hip-hop is nothing new. Of course, clout chasing and the internet has changed things over the years, however, envy has always been an issue. Quelly Woo gives his take on the topic, over an outstanding instrumental. As epic choir lays the backdrop for the knocking drill beat, giving it a haunting vibe. Stream "Jealously" and Tactical Pressure, and let us know what you think below.  

Quotable Lyrics  

I'm feelin' jealousy  
A few niggas hatin' and envy me  
I told her TP, stop the talkin  
Kick a Chevy, we could split it in portions,  
Grab the fire like Buddy Bodega, call up  
Eli, he gon' shoot like a Laker  
Shoot like PG from the Pacers, they call  
me TP 'cause I never say much

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