Daniel Villegas, a multi dimensional bilingual Hip Hop artist who ready to be awakened with truth serenity & joy through music

He is a language of light expressionist Multi Dimensional Bilingual Hip Hop Artist and Spoken Word Poet. Daniel Villegas is Colombian born and United States raised. A Latino in a world ready to be awakened with truth serenity and joy. He usually freestyle in English, Spanish and light language. He is a person who loves music and believes that love is strongest weapon!

His discography includes Lion Riddims, Time travel, Sky language, and Cosmic which is available on all digital platforms. He unveils the title of his upcoming debut solo album "Walking Cities of Light", currently he is working on the album. He is also a member of the Galactic Federation of Light & Ashtar Command. He has been performing for over 15 years all around the country. His unique blend of Spanish and English in his poetry separate him from most styles heard. He speaks from his heart . With topics such as social change, love, life and living free he delivers a message with hope and meaning. 

Daniel Villegas, shows with his unique sound & music, that the whole Earth’s group consciousness is changing and that it’s all about changing our individual “frequencies” as we all strive to move towards a group consciousness that is completely heart-centered.

As an artist he seeks to alleviate ignorance by tackling various issues—including, but not limited to, race, gender, religion, politics, history, social injustice, poverty & segregation. Having been contracted by the 21st Century Grant under the Obama administration, he and his group members for 4 years had been teaching a Creative enhancement workshop where students and teachers alike integrated both, Breathing and movements techniques with writing and music.

Check out his discography from below and stay tuned for further updates of Daniel Villegas's upcoming songs and albums.

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