Yung Pooda & DreamDoll Grab Trey Songz For "Chicken N Grits Remix"

 Yung Pooda needs a “big booty b*tch.” 

Yung Pooda and DreamDoll have remixed their popular track “Chicken N Grits,” this time featuring Trey Songz. The song talks about Yung Pooda and DreamDoll being miles ahead of their competitors, with Pooda saying he’s getting “hit after hit after hit.” 

Houston rapper Yung Pooda is relatively new on the scene, with the first of his singles releasing in 2017. His most popular track, “Repeat Dat,” shows off his relaxed flow, garnering nearly 2.5 million streams since its release less than a year ago. Yung Pooda has found himself at a couple of crossroads throughout his career, with his primary struggles being with his emotions and staying off of the streets. In 2019, he made his full commitment to music and was signed by EMPIRE, which is when his career really began to take off. 

Treyy Songz is coming down from a massive year in 2020 where he released three albums, Anticipation 1, Anticipation 2, and Back Home. While he’s best known for nostalgic, early 2010s tracks like “Bottoms Up” and “Na Na,” the artist has shown in the last few years that he’s incredibly versatile and willing to adapt to a changing musical environment. 

Listenn to the track and watch the new music video below.  

Quotable Lyrics 

I got bigger tits, and a bigger ass 
I make a genie wish he could smash 
It wasn’t easy to get the cash, but I got it 
All the whips is exotic

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