Bfb Da Packman Delivers New Track "Federal"

BFB Da Packman pays homage to the movie "Life" in the video for his new single, "Federal." 

Bfb Da Packman might not be the most lyrical rapper alive but he's truly making a case for being among the funniest. The rapper has been making waves over the past year, even if he hasn't released a project since 2019. Still, singles like "Honey Pack" and its remix, along with "Free Joe Exotic" with Sada Baby has made him into a viral sensation of sorts and he's piggy backing the infamy into a bonafide rap career.

This week, the rapper returned with a brand new single titled, "Federal." Sdotonatrack holds down the string-laden production while Bfb Da Packman offers a string of non-sequiturs and mind-boggling punchlines, including one that pays homage to Ari Fletcher. The music video for the song also showcases the rapper's creativity as he recreates Martin Lawrence's Life.  

Check it out below.  

Quotable Lyrics 

Foundd out my bitch cheatin', I guess I'm 
hardly special 
N***as said they droppin' shit but they 
hardly steppin' 
Put 20 racks on his bitch 'cause he sent 
my dawg to heaven 
Left, went broke, came back with bags, 
Ari Fletcher

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