Young Thug Assured Us That He'd Never Stop Dropping Heat On 2015's "Digits"

 On the five-year anniversary of 'Slime Language 3,' it's impossible to remember the final installment in Young Thug's 'Slime Season' mixtape series without talking about "Digits."  

From early 2015 to late 2016, Young Thug was on a roll with one of the most captivating runs in recent rap history, perhaps only comparable to Future's legendary mixtape run from 2014 to 2015. During that two-year period, the eclectic YSL artist released four full-length projects and two EPs, most of which contained classic Thugger records. The Atlanta native had just been flung onto the national Hip-Hop stage, and he made his moment count, most notably dropping the paradigm-shifting Barter 6 as well the beloved Slime Season mixtape trilogy. The first Slime Season, which featured the rapper's early hit "Best Friend," arrived on September 16, 2015, and roughly a month later, Thug doubled up with Slime Season 2, which boasted tracks like "Thief in the Night" and "Pull Up on a Kid." Fans of Thugger's prolific output had to wait a bit longer for the final installment in the Slime Season trilogy, however, as Slime Season 3 didn't arrive until March 25, 2016.

 Slime Season 3, in comparison to its two predecessors, was a much more concise effort from Young Thug, and it was also released as a commercial mixtape, whereas the first two were available for free. At the time, the decision was met with mixed feelings, but considering the hype surrounding Slime Season 3, it only made sense that Thug would want to financially profit from the release.  

The project featured "With Them," which was first teased at the live premiere of Kanye West's The Life Of Pablo, as well as the YSL possee cut "Slime Sh*t." Yet, Slime Season 3 can't be fully appreciated and remembered without discussing "Digits." In addition to stirring a heated debate as to whether he said "horses" or "hustlers" in the opening line of the song, "Digits" has gone done as one of Young Thug's most iconic records to date. 

What was your favorite song from Slime Season 3?  

Quotable Lyrics 

Dopeboyy, hair grey like a grandma  

You know my ice blingin', light up just like  

a candle  

Rollie pollie, I can control shawty like a  


My racks are squeakin', I'm not fartin'  

I hop in that 'Rari, I crank up like Warren

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