Tay Money Taps Flo Milli For The Cheeky Track "Asthma Pump"

 The rappers teamed up for the catchy new single. 

Tay Money has just unleashed her lighthearted, cheeky Dr. Luke produced single  "Asthma Pump." She recruited the help of Alabama newcomer Flo Milli, who has been a noticeable force in the industry since her breakthrough hit "In the Party." She's since gone on to release her well-received debut project Ho, Why is you here? 

Lyrically, the song insinuates that the artists' lady parts should come with an asthma pump on deck due to the type of results engaging in sexual activity with them may cause. The song is cleverly complete with actual audio of people struggling to catch their breath, honing in the song's NSFW message.  

Alongside the single, the duo unleashed an 80s workout-inspired video to deliver the song's cheeky message. The Texas rapper has stayed pretty active in the visual department this year, continuing her streak with the new video. She has been dating videographer Cole Bennett since 2019.  

Check "Asthma Pump" out below and let us know what you think of the track down in the comments.  

Quotable Lyrics:  

That shit like bow, ayy (Bow) 
Open it up, he like, "Wow" (Wow)  
Tay Money tricks, I'll show them around  
You could eat this by the pound 
He like how it feel, he love how it sound

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