Take a look on Christopher Nielsen's album "Our Voyage Home" fulfilled with modern jazz.

Our Voyage Home is a lively collection of 13 instrumental songs that reflect musical ideas from over a 40 year journey of Christopher Nielsen while in and out of the music business. Join Christopher Nielsen, through this voyage of exploration, as he reunites after more than 15 years with his musical roots and passion for heartfelt blends of musical style and expression. Combining his skillful musician ship with compelling arrangements and crafty compositions, this collection will lift you up and be a perfect accompaniment for any road trip. Chris’s style lends well to visualization and this collection is complimented by several artsy videos being released through his YouTube channel.

Christopher Nielsen began as a drummer-percussionist in many local and touring groups out of the Minnesota Music Scene. He evolved as a pianist and multi-instrumentalist through his lifelong career as a bandleader, producer, and composer for video and television productions. His musical tastes are founded on jazz, blues, R&B, Soul, classical and multicultural folk music. His style has evolved to reflect a range of acoustic piano in the likes of George Winston meets Ramsey Lewis meets Chick Coera and a percussive back-beat from origins of drummers like Billy Cobham, Carmine Apiece, Tony Williams, and bands like Earth Wind and Fire, Weather Report, Miles Davis to Tower of Power. "Our Voyage Home" is his first album after a 15 year sabbatical and documents works from over a 40 year period. As Chris reenters the music world and embarks on this exciting new chapter, he hopes to get his music introduced more to international audiences and feature film producers. 

I am thankful that music comes so naturally to me and it is a great feeling when I can create a unique piece of music and people can find enjoyment through a connection to an emotional idea or memory. 

Chris has many fluid musical ideas that are brewing and a continued eye on his "voyage home" will be well worth your while and I anticipate will inspire a positive mood in your life.

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Find out more about Christopher, and do not miss out on his amazing release, "Our Voyage Home”

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