Planet Giza Drops New Project "Don't Throw Rocks At The Moon"

 The Montreal-based trio delivers an otherworldly EP, "Don't Throw Rocks At The Moon."  

There are no boundaries for Montreal-based trio Planet Giza. The Canadian group have taken an unorthodox approach to hip hop by combining a slew of influences that you wouldn't expect. There are elements of hip-hop with dashes of funk, R&B, and electronic sprinkled throughout.

This week, they returned with their new project, Don't Throw Rocks At The Moon. The short EP consists of six tracks with one feature coming from Cousin Stizz. JMF co-produced the project in its entirety, alongside Rami B, Tony Stone and DoomX.  

With the release of their new project, we're hoping that we hear more from Planet Giza throughout the course of 2021. Check out their new project, Don't Throw Rocks At The Moon below and sound off with your favorite track off of the EP in the comment section. 

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