Matt Ox Rolls Through With New 5-Track "UNORTHODOX" EP

 Matt Ox is back with a brand new style on his "UNORTHODOX" EP.  

Ever since dropping his track "Overwhelming" back in 2017, Matt Ox has been a household name amongst those who have a penchant for Soundcloud rap. With production from Working On Dying, Ox was able to captivate listeners and it also helped that he was barely a teenager, which made fans even more curious about where he would go from here. About four years later, Ox still continues to drop music and on Friday, he delivered a brand new EP called UNORTHODOX.

The name of the EP is certainly appropriate as Ox delivers a more aggressive and abrasive style that fans aren't necessarily used to. This experimentation is carried out over five tracks, and as you can see, the run time is quite palatable and easy to digest. Those who have followed Ox throughout his career will be interested in this new effort, and you can check it out down below.  


1. GO UP  
2. Revolution  
3. WOP  
4. Infinity  

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