Pacman Da Gunman Enlists Nipsey Hussle & Mozzy For "Zero Tolerance"

 Pacman Da Gunman lines up Nipsey Hussle and Mozzy for the new posse cut "Zero Tolerance."  

Pacman Da Gunman has returned with his latest drop "Zero Tolerance," a west coast posse cut featuring Mozzy and a posthumous verse from Nipsey Hussle. Obviously, Hussle's presence will be a major selling point for many, and he certainly doesn't disappoint.

Charged with opening things up with the chorus, Nip brings a commanding presence to the sparse and threatening instrumental. "Don't even try I know you n***as too well," he raps, holding it down for the second verse. "What's the chance while pumping gas you catch me slippin' at Shell / I can't respect you if you in it for thrills." Pacman keeps stride with his own verse, shrugging off the constant struggle to keep a grounded moral compass. "My conscious begging for murder it's potent when I'm drinking," he raps. "My losses made me a savage convert me to a demon."  

Charged with closing "Zero Tolerance" out, Mozzy slides in with a quicker flow, taking aim at snakes in the grass in his opening bars. "You ain't get to disrespect the dead unless you killed a n***a," he warns. "They ain't close their mouth when apprehended, I ain't feel them n***as / pivot ain't respected, n***as out here cutting deals with bitches."  

Check out the track for yourself now, and show some love to Pacman, Nipsey, and Mozzy in the comments below.  


You ain't get to disrespect the dead  
unless you killed a n***a  
They ain't close their mouth when  
apprehended, I ain't feel them n***as  
Pivot ain't respected, n***as out here  
cutting deals with bitches."

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