Mozzy Brings 2Pac Energy To "My Ambitionz"

 Mozzy comes through with his new single "Ambitionz," sampling 2Pac's classic "Ambitionz Az A Ridah." 

Following the release of his recent "Neva Said It," Mozzy has returned to the fold with another new single in "My Ambitionz." Quitely enjoying a run as one of the game's most consistent emcees, the West Coast rapper has drawn inspiration from a California legend, drawing from the classic tune "Ambitionz Az A Ridah." In keeping with his own stylistic preferences, Mozzy brings a little bit of bounce to the Pac-fueled banger, though he retains a similar defiant spirit as Makaveli. 

"Tomato sauce on your Amiris, you ain't hear me clearly," he spits. "Affected by the world severely, they gon' miss you dearly / seven series for my youngin' he like seventeen / most of the chops we got is German, some is Lebanese." He proceeds to dive deeper into his world, spitting vivid depictions of the nuances of street life. When it comes to authenticity, Mozzy had never failed to hold it down, keeping it consistent with every new release. Check out "Ambitionz" now, and be sure to sound off if you're looking forward to some new Mozzy.  


Tomato sauce on your Amiris, you ain't 
hear me clearly, 
Affected by the world severely, they gon' 
miss you dearly 
Seven series for my youngin' he like 
Most of the chops we got is German, 
some is Lebanese

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