Moonbeams is part of Christopher Nielsen's latest “Landscapes” release featuring 11 Classical Compositions.

Moonbeams was inspired by an evening gazing at the sky and reflecting on the universe. “The accompanying video is titled Moonbeams at Passo Dos Fernandes which is an area in Brazil named after my wife's family and features footage of a beautiful water fall on the family farm where she grew up.” This is a musical story of a young woman leaving her universe of a farm life in Brazil to start a new life and to create a new parallel universe in America. This piece imagines her exploration filled with bravery, love, humility and triumph.  “This piece is being released on the anniversary of 23 years since she started this journey and the blessing of being able to share 18 of these years with her.”

Moonbeams is part of Christopher Nielsen's latest “Landscapes” release featuring 11 Classical flavored New Age Jazz Piano and Digital Orchestral compositions. Each piece explores interesting blends of various musical styles and melodic imagery. Soothing interludes of emotion and rhythmic nuance are the perfect blend for a calm, yet uplifting Sunday morning with your favorite cup of tea or coffee.

“Landscapes” is a digital only release on the heels of his "Our Voyage Home" CD, released earlier this year, which was his first album after a 15 year sabbatical. Join Christopher as he reenters the music world and embarks on this exciting new chapter. The music will take you into visualizations limited only by your imagination. “I am thankful that music comes so naturally to me and it is a great feeling when I can create a unique piece of music and people can find enjoyment through a connection to an emotional idea or memory”. Chris has many fluid and diverse musical ideas that are brewing. A continued eye and ear on his music and artistry will be well worth your while.

Christopher Nielsen began his musical career as a drummer-percussionist in many local and touring groups out of the Minnesota Music Scene. He evolved as a pianist and multi-instrumentalist through his lifelong career as a bandleader, producer, and composer for video and television productions. His musical tastes are founded on jazz, blues, R&B, Soul, classical and multicultural folk music. His style has evolved to reflect a range of acoustic piano in the likes of Yanni meets George Winston meets Ramsey Lewis meets Chick Coera with a percussive back-beat from origins of drummers like Billy Cobham, Carmine Apiece, Tony Williams, and bands like Earth Wind and Fire, Weather Report, Miles Davis to Tower of Power. 

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