JustJohn Takes On The Powers That Be On "City X"

 JustJohn delivers a gritty new banger with "City X." 

Toronto rapper Just John is a name that's grown from hometown glory into international recognition and all of the success is well-deserved. The musician has been on a steady grind over the past few years but in the past few months, he's offered a few collabs as well as his 2020 project, THIS IS FATE.

This week, the rapper slides through with an aggressive genre-bending anthem with "City X." Reconnecting with frequent collaborator Dom Dias who handles the song's energetic production, JustJohn's vocals are hit with a radio filter as he leads the uprising against the system. "Fuck the system, yeah, I know you think I'm ignorant/ We can't be separate, there's more of us than them," he raps on the record.  

Peep JustJohn's latest offering below.   

Quotable Lyrics  

I'm appalled 
If they don't change the laws, I'mma 
walk in city hall 
Like, tell me what's the prob? 
Step up to the mic with a megaphone 
So you catch my tone 
Bust you eardrum, watch it blow

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