Lava La Rue Tackles Love On "Butter-Fly" EP

 Lava La Rue drops off a five-track project in "Butter-Fly."  

We've featured Lava La Rue only a handful of times in the past, but the UK songstress continues to make bigger and bigger waves within the music industry. She's a singer, although her sound doesn't confine itself to traditional r'n'b parameters, instead exploring other genres and intertwining them, with a firmly alternative feel.

Today, the singer finally delivered a project for fans to get better acquainted, her first since 2019's Stitches. As just five songs, it's perhaps more appetizer than full-on meal, however, it's enough to get lost in the world of Lava La Rue for a good twenty minutes. Butter-Fly opens magnificently with the vintage-esque "Magpie," a record that will draw you in immediately. "Angel" features WeDidIt's Deb Never, and was originally released last November. While it also contains a vintage vibe, this one is more '80s than '50s. The only other feature comes from Karma Kid on the EP closer, "Lift You Up."  

Take a look at the tracklist below, and stream Lava La Rue's Butter-Fly. Let us know what you think of her.  


1. Magpie  

2. Angel feat. Deb Never  

3. Goofys Heart Club  

4. G.O.Y.D  

5. Life You Up feat. Karma Kid

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