KXNG Crooked Assists Ranna Royce On "Wordplay"

 The two rappers showcase their lyrical aptitude on "WORDPLAY." 

The self-proclaimed "illest Persian in the building" Ranna Royce is a proven lyricist whose efforts have earned her some solid co-signs but perhaps, none that hold more weight than KXNG Crooked's. The two artists have been locking into the studio for a minute with their new single, "WORDPLAY" finally hitting streaming services on Friday. The two pairs trade bars with rapid flows and quick-witted bars, proving that Ranna can hold her own against any rapper. 
“I like working with RANNA because she is very passionate about her art. That’s very important to me," Crooked said in a statement to UPROXX. "I believe she’s more than a star; she’s a true artist in every sense of the word. It’s rare to find a talented lyricist who is hands-on with every aspect of creating music, videos, and the message behind branding. I expect big things from her in the near future. Now go watch our video for ‘WORDPLAY’ and tell me I’m wrong!” 

Quotablee Lyrics 

Even my pistol is astronomic 
I cock back and I blast a comet 
Quickest mothafuckas pass the chronic 
As fast as Sonic, I'ma be puttin' my foot 
in your ass Like you last colonic 

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