Kevo Muney Reflects On His Success With "I'm Golden"

 Kevo Muney returns with a smooth single that celebrates everything he has been through.  

Kevo Muney initially caught the eye of fans when he revealed his unique cover art for his Baby Goat mixtape which featured an actual goat giving birth to him. Say what you will about the shock factor, but it got people's attention and since that time, Kevo has continued to drop dope songs and projects. His latest track is called "I'm Golden" and it is one of his strongest efforts to date.

Throughout the song, we get some nice guitar loops and vocal samples which help offer up an emotional and reflective tone. From there, Kevo drops some inspirational bars about his come-up, all while singing the lyrics with some tastefully done autotune. Overall, it's a calming track and one that Kevo fans will certainly appreciate.  

Quotable Lyrics:  

Take off her hair (Hair), she ain't gotta  
take off her clothes (Clothes)  
I love my family but sometimes I get tired  
of my folks (I get tired of my folks)  
'Cause you the realest when it's yes, you  
a ho when it's no (You a ho when it's no)  
No matter what, I won't switch up, I'm  
defending my bro (I'm defending my bro)

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