Joey Fatts Releases "G Way 2"

 Joey Fatts returns with his latest body of work, "G Way 2."  

Joey Fatts had a steady run in 2020. He dropped off plenty of singles before coming through with Olive Boy, Still Cutthroat, and November's G Way. He spent the remainder of the year relatively low-key before popping back out in full force at the top of the year. Last month's "Never Said It's Right" kicked off the campaign for G Way 2 which was followed by "Better Days" ft. NHale.

Today, Fatts dropped off the sequel to November's G Way in its entirety. With 10 tracks in total and a run time of a little over twenty minutes, Joey Fatts showcases his lyrical muscle and his storytelling skills with ease as he puts the city of Long Beach on his back.  

Check out the latest project from Joey Fatts below. 

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