Dia Grover Drops Off "Birthday Freestyle"

The rapper Dia Grover hops on some heavy, trap production while laying down some frightening bars. It's a hard-hitting anthem indicates that “It’s my Birthday” is coming soon. Dia Grover is a police officer from Mississippi, who loves writing and singing. He wrote and recorded his first song at the age of 17 with a group called Jacktown. The group split up after a year and Dia stopped writing music. After an over 20 year layoff, Dia has found his love for writing and singing again and have released multiple songs. His most notable song is a catchy tune called “It’s my Birthday”. Dia jokingly wrote the song for his birthday which is in July and shared it on all digital platforms and now it has become one of the most loved and shared songs on It’s My Birthday. 

Keep your eyes peeled for that.

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