Asiahn Delivers A Lush Orchestral Version Of "The Interlude"

 Two months after dropping off "The Interlude," Asiahn revisits her newly released EP with a gorgeous live rendition. 

Three-time Grammy-nominated artist Asiahn has been on a roll throughout this first strech of 2021. On January 11, the singer-songwriter released her Since the 80s and Motown debut, the melodic The Interlude EP. 
Now, roughly two months later, Asiahn is revisiting her impressive new project and treating fans with a beautiful live rendition of The Interlude.
In contrast to the original version of The Interlude, Asiahn's latest release reworks the EP's tracklisting and gives listeners a more fullfilling and layered listening experience. The tight production of the project's initial release is traded in for a lush orchestral arrangement that breathes new life into The Interlude standouts like "Gucci Frames" and "Messed Up," and the gorgeous soundscape makes for the perfect backdrop for Asiahn's soaring vocals. 

The EP, in both the original and orchestral forms, reportedly celebrates a new phase for Asiahn that can be summed up as a period of blossoming and fresh growth, and the Grammy-nominated artist's stellar performance does nothing to suggest otherwise. In addition to the live version of The Interlude hitting streaming services, fans of the South Carolina-raised and Los Angeles-based artist can also watch the orchestral performance of all five songs on YouTube.  

Are you feeling the orchestral version of Asiahn's The Interlude EP?  


 1. My World (Orchestral Performacne) 
2. Get Away (Orchestral Performance) 
3. Drunk (Orchestral Performance) 
4. Messed Up (Orchestral Performance) 
5. Gucci Frames (Orchestral Performance)

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