Arelle Tones & Esi Chélle showcase their lyrical aptitude on "Save Us."

It’s rare to find a talented lyricists who is hands-on with every aspect of creating music, and the message behind branding. Arelle Tones has been making waves out of Nigeria and we are beginning to get invested in what he's bringing to the table. For instance, Arelle Tones recently linked up with Esi Chélle for a smooth new track called "Save Us."

With this new song, we get laid-back instrumental that is filled with nice melodic loops. From there, Arelle Tones drops off some bars about trying to aimed at Africans which is then followed up with a chorus from Esi Chélle. 

The song was released just after the #EndSars protests. Although written and recorded some time before, the song is a timeless, feel-good piece that both empowers and calls for reflection. 

From references to the inner-strength and the spirit of people that really shows when pushed too far, to a subtle and yet direct message that Africans need no saving, that they are already the saviors they need. Although aimed at Africans, the message is for any oppressed people bearing the burden of atrocities and oppression that are struggling to create a better future for themselves and the youth.

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