Introducing topnotch artist Me'ko Suave, Founder/Owner of D.O.A Music & Su3noMasClothingCo.

Tulsa, Oklahoma. home of a rich music culture, southern lifestyle and the 1921 race massacre, A.K.A Black Wall Street. When someone thinks about Tulsa these are some of the things that might come to mind, but for the locals involved in the Tulsa scene Me'ko Suava is more than just a local artist. Born in the fall of 1988 to a 17 year old mother who had a knowledgeable background in rap music, it wasn't long before Me'ko become fascinated with every aspect of the genre. Although very wordly and animated when it came to writing, he didn't decide to pursue a career in music until the age of 15, by that age Me'ko was already a Jr. High dropout and fighting a case of possession of CDs with intent. The down time from not being in school and being on probation gave him all the more reason to focus his attention on music starting with the ins and outs of producing.

I had to teach myself literally, I spent hours and hours in front of the computer just studying and learning experimenting with everything.

Me'ko Suave (Born Eriq) continued to self-teach until the age of 17 when he recorded his first record at a small professional studio in downtown Tulsa.

I remember going back home to my grandma house excited and ready to show her my first song, we were staying in the Jects on 6-1 (61st and South Peoria) but that day made it feel like a Thousand Oaks.

Me'ko has since continued to overcome adversity and doubt while establishing a clothing brand (Su3no Ma$), dropping 3 full length mixtapes, 1 joint mixtape and is currently working on his 4th solo project and doesn't plan on stopping at all until he's recognized as one of the greatest.

Peep the full discography below.

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