Feel the spirit of trap this holiday season with Martyn Scott's single "You Wont Lock Me Down For Christmas"

Martyn Scott from Rotherham, England currently writing an album of songs that are based around "Lockdown Reflections", songs that inspired to write during lockdown in England where he had to close his business. He writing, recording, producing and releasing everything from his home studio. This song You Wont Lock Me down For Christmas is the first one he wrote and is aimed at trying to cheer people up this Christmas and carries determined messages that we will enjoy Christmas regardless!! Its a cheesy Christmas cracker of a tune! 

I currently have two other releases out which are songs of a much more serious sentiment, Maybe Just Maybe and Oh What A Year. All my releases are available to stream across YouTube and Spotify etc, simply search the titles and my name and you should find them. 

To quote a lyric from Maybe Just Maybe, “Lets turn the page to next year, when sure this will all be over”.

Peep the track below.

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