Dj 001 & Joe Louis Connect On "STOP...DON’T SHOOT!!"

Dj 001 and Joe Louis make for a solid team on their new collaboration "STOP...DON’T SHOOT!!" a bouncy banger riddled with bars.

Born and raised in the mountains of Flagstaff, Arizona, DJ001 (DeeJay Double Oh One) has had music flowing through his veins for over three decades! From Rock n Roll to Hip Hop and everything in-between, DJ001 is as master of his craft when it comes to music production, and live performance. With a strong background in guitar, drums, and vocals, he has the ear to bring projects to life. 

With hundreds of shows under his belt throughout the United States, and a stacked resume of artists he was worked with including Aussie Legends - Hilltop Hoods, Good Life Cafe veteran Abstract Rude, Def Jux recording artist C-Rayz Walz, and many more!!!

Representing Phoenix, Arizona. Emcees Joe Baggs and St. Louis Gibbor have teamed up as the mighty marvel mash up duo “Joe Louis”. Both masters in the craft of lyricism, and emceeing. These two gentlemen use their voice to address the real issues facing our society today. Greed, poverty, oppression, and corruption are just a few of the topics they fearlessly tackle in their dialogue filled raps. With no apology or disrespect, Joe Louis has cemented themselves as one of the most influential hip hop groups to hold the Arizona Hip Hop flag. 

Joe Louis continues to fight the good fight against injustice anywhere as they seek for true equality across-the-board.

Dj 001 teamed up with St. Louis Gibbor and Joe Baggs as the mighty marvel duo “Joe Louis” to bring “STOP...DON’T SHOOT!!”.

As long as people are dying at the hands of law enforcement, we will continue to speak on it. We took a stance and voiced our opinion. This is the beginning of the conversation, or the good fight as we like to call it. Who wants to have a conversation?

 Peep the track below.

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