The unique journey of Tessa Ying a talented woman and producer

26 years old Singaporean Music Producer, Engineer and pianist, Tessa follows the path of the greatest musicians of the world. New music single"Be On My Own" of this unique woman and producer will feel you with the passion and diverse inspirations. It’s a chill electronic tune that you can groove and dance to. 

Tessa Ying started her incredible musical journey at the age of 4 and she is now based in Boston, MA. Tessa graduated from the best music schools in Singapore (Lasalle College of the Arts), England (London College of Music, Trinity College London) and USA (Berklee College of Music). She collaborated with many artists to create Film Scoring music, was the supervising work-study in the Writing & Technology Division of the Berklee College of Music, and she won the MP&E Creativity Award in Spring 2019 for her innovative, genre-fusion productions. 

Things haven’t always come as easy as we think for Tessa. She had to face obstacles being a woman in this industry.
I definitely had some difficulties at first as a women producer and engineer. When people think of a producer or engineer, they think of an authoritative man. In this industry, women have to be the best in order to be looked upon as an equal. Sometimes job opportunities come by, but it turns out they have an ulterior motive. It’s the cold reality. However, because women artists/singers/composers are facing the same issues, they are seeking out women producers and engineers to work with. The industry is changing with the times and women are empowering each other.

With her strong education, experiences, hard work and achievements, Tessa Ying established her music production company Tessa Ying Music in 2020, where she records, produces, and mixes songs for her clients.

Tess Ying’s new “Shades of Blue” collection includes two new variations on the original, titled “Blue (Full Band)” & “Blue (Producer Remix)”.

Tessa Ying Music » does not let borders prevent creativity from flowing.Her production company has clients all over the world, including Singapore where her roots in classical music started. Her long list of prestigious clients also includes pianist, composer and International Award Winner Rosy Chua whose work consists of impressive, dramatic classical pieces. Rosy Chua’s piano compositions “Kaleidoscope” and “Rhapsody” have been played in Carnegie Hall (USA), Esplanade (Singapore) and SCECGS Redlands Piano Competition (Australia).

For this project, Tessa took it a step further by not only producing, recording and mixing, but also arranging and performing the pieces in the audio recording too. “Kaleidoscope” is set to be released in November 2020, and “Rhapsody” will be coming out in March 2021.While her collaborations with artists take up the majority of her time, Tessa Ying has always loved EDM and as an artist and producer, and she has released two original EDM/Bass/dubstep albums: Mayhem (2018–2019) and JokerPoker (2020).

Following the path of Quincy Jones, St Vincent, John Mayer and Charlie Puth to name a few legends who attended the school. After producing other amazing artists, Tessa felt it was time to release some of her own music, and when you hear it, you’ll feel the passion and diverse inspirations of this upcoming multi-talented artist. Tessa Ying released her single “Be On My Own” September 7, 2020.

Though she endorsed all the roles on this record, Tessa emphasized on the production. It’s a chill electronic tune that you can groove and dance to. "The message of the song is that you can be on your own, nobody’s negativity can take a toll on you cause you're having a blast."

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