Rapsody Surprises With New Single "12 Problems"

 Elite lyricist Rapsody tackles police brutality on her incendiary new single "12 Problems." 

Elite lyricist Rapsody has returned with "12 Problems," and to suggest she's coming out swinging is an understatement. From the opening moments, it's evident that Rap is looking to vent on wax, taking to a cinematic and vaguely menacing banger for the occasion. Given everything that has transpired in the United States Of America of late, many expected Rapsody to weigh in with her own perspective. That's exactly what she does here, dexterously weaving together bars touching on the sociopolitical climate.

"War on drugs, legality, they got us on fallacies," she raps, over a haunting choral loop. "Resorted in casualties, I was supposed to resort in the Maldives, now we in the rallies." Calling back to Jay-Z's "99 Problems" and singling out the "12," Rapsody saves her second verse to tackle the topics of police brutality and accountability -- or lack thereof. "Cops kill lawfully, no remorse," she declares. "I don't wanna hear arguments no more about black on black, when white on white they kill they own too / And cops the only ones who ain't accountable." 

Check out the latest incendiary from Rapsody, a departure from what she brought to the table on last year's excellent Eve. 


Cops kill lawfully, no remorse 
I don't wanna hear arguments no more 
about black on black 
When white on white 
They kill they own too 
And cops the only ones who ain't 

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