Perry Stevens proudly presents his long-awaited brand new single: Running Man

A brand new single about looking for “the one girl”but not wanting to give up on all of the other possibilities out there!

Singer and songwriter Perry Stevens is one of the most intriguing and talented artists to surface in the last few years. He has a truly interesting story and a fascinating background, which dates back to the 1970s. Back then, Perry was a professional singer, and he was on his way to a full-on music career, with the opportunity to take his music on the road. 

However, he was in love and decided to stay home with his wife, so that he could take care of his family instead! Many years went by, but Perry never lost sight of his passion for music. He started recording new songs a while back, and managed to develop an avid following, including younger music fans, eager to rediscover some retro influences. Perry created a beautiful set of songs, exploring country and early rock and roll, but modernizing the style for a new audience. His most recent single release, “Running Man” is actually a really good example of what Perry can seamlessly accomplish when combining old and new ideas into a distinctive song. 

If you are a fan of artists as diverse as Elvis Presley, as well as Paul Anka, Johnny Cash or Eric Burton, “Running Man” is going to be a song that will fit right in with your taste in music, so don’t let it fly by under your radar!

Perry Stevens is a singer and songwriter who specializes in creating songs with a story. He never just sings lyrics as placeholders for hooks, but he always cares of giving the audience a deeper listening experience, with a story and some meaning. In this case “Running Man” tells the story of a man who...loves them ladies! He loves women of all types, and he has a hard time settling down. However, a side of him actually wants to find “the one,” so he has an internal conflict. Should he peek chasing women, or should he finally settle for a woman that he thinks might be the love of his life? This is a powerful song of love, longing, and looking for romance, and many listeners can relate to this particular story. 

Musically speaking, the song is just as excellent and powerful as the lyrics and storytelling. Perry’s voice is deep, and adorned with some tasteful effects, such as a really nice echo, and some saturation giving it a retro vibe. On “Running Man,” Perry’s vocals really reminds me of some of the best performances from artists like Elvis Presley or Carl Perkins, perfectly capturing that bluesy rock and roll vibe. The instrumental has got a more modern edge to it, perfectly matching the song’s lyrics and storyline. In particular, the electric guitar work is absolutely fantastic. The guitar always rips through some amazing solos, in the vein of iconic players such as Eric Clapton or Stevie Ray Vaughn, only to mention but a few. There is something quite special about the combination of rock,blues, and easy listening that encompasses the dynamics of this beautiful track. 

This is yet another amazing addition to Perry’s discography, and it is another song from him that will undoubtedly bring more fans to discover and appreciate his music. This release is a perfect example of what it means to balance intelligent songwriting and production, with incredibly appealing and care-free vibes. What makes this track quite special is indeed the fact that the act’s music is more than just Perry’s take on a classic sound. “Running Man” actually has a very unique sound that has its roots in rock and blues, but which also brings something completely different to the table. This dualism is truly fascinating, and it is one of the elements that does a great job at making the music stand out from the rest of what’s out there.

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