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Life leading to Music
Underated, consisting of two members, comes from a small town in West Tennessee.  Founding member, Jeffrey Wood, is 16 years old and started making music all his life and put his talents into music making.  Member, Austin Jacobs, has known Jeffrey since day one, and is also 16 years old and musically inclined.  

They are both steeped In a musical background, playing electric guitar and various of other instruments.  They have had bands of different genres, ranging from Classic Rock to Heavy Metal.   Seeing that they live in a small town, they could not find any members to join their band.  So, they decided to take a different route in their musical paths.  

Coming up from Heartbreak
While Jeffrey was in a toxic relationship, he was thinking of different ways to make Underated a gateway to his current situations.  After his relationship was ended, he came to Austin with two ideas of their singles-“In The Night” and “Splat!”  From both of their two singles, they grew a fan base on Spotify.  
Their third single-“Hotrod” came months later after Jeffrey’s relationship was ended.  On the track, their was a guitar part that was sampled that he wrote for a song he made with his ex.  This track would be their biggest hit with Fifty-Five Thousand plays.  

We want our music to help people remember there is always somebody out there for them, no matter what they go through, there is “that someone” waiting for you at the end of the tunnel. 

New Beginning 
Seeing that they had a fan base on Spotify, they wanted to grow their fan base on different platforms, and get their name out there.  They wrote another single-“Death-Note” thinking that it wouldn’t come close to the response of Hotrod.  They pitched their new release to HOT 94.7 radio station, thinking that they wouldn’t respond.  Days later, they were accepted Into the Power Hour and pledged to be played for 30 days.  

They were very shocked and very grateful for the opportunity that came to them.  From there,  they have been coming up from features of different Instagram pages with a high amount of followers.  Underated has an Instagram account currently with Two-Thousand followers and posts about their upcoming music and projects.  

Upcoming Music 
They have been working on an album ever since they released their 4th single.  Underated is planning shows all over their hometown and moving on to different cities all over Tennessee.  Due to the Recent pandemic, they have been put to hold, but as soon as they are allowed to preform, they will reach the world with their music and hopefully help people through rough times.  
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