The Songstress Leah B Jackson is now on a mission to bring forth message through her music ministry

Leah is the youngest daughter of Grammy nominated artists George and Gwen McCrae. She is a Gospel singer and songwriter who began her music career as an R&B artist. Through her parents, Leah always has a passion for music. However, she credits her mother for inspiring her the most She discovered her vocal abilities at the age of 7 singing in the church choir. At the age of 13, she started singing background professionally for her mother and has acknowledged that doing so has prepared her for singing today. After High School she joined the Army. 

While stationed in Colorado, she found herself back into music and continued developing herself as a singer and songwriter. After serving three years of service, she moved to the Netherlands where she started performing throughout Europe and England. She later moved back to the United States and served her country once again in the Army National Guard, while focusing on raising her oldest son. Over time, she got married to her husband, Reginald Jackson and had two more children. The Songstress is now on a mission to inspire others and to bring forth message through music ministry. Her new EP release, titled “God’s Way” is a collaboration of four songs that truly speak to the heart, soul and mind. Leah delivers each song in her own unique way while bringing forth simple messages for anyone to understand. God’s Way feat. Rickie Beasley- is a song that speaks for itself. The duet has a bluesy feel with a message that encourages the listener to give God a try and to give their heart to him. The music features modulating parts on guitar and a simple, classic arrangement of Rhodes, drums, strings and bass that keeps the whole together so that the listener can focus on the lyrics and the voice.

This bluesy, soulful cut delivers a message with all the passion you’d expect from the daughter of Grammy nominated George and Gwen McCrae. Time to give God’s Way a try?” God’s way. He’s There- is a song with soulful feel. It is inspired by Deut.31:6 which tells for us not to be afraid because he goes with us and that he will never leave or forsake us. It encourages while reminding the listener of God never leaving us because he’s always there. We are never alone because He’s there. He’s always there. Lamb of God- is a song that has a contemporary gospel, praise and worship feel that uplifts and encourages the soul. It has a mid-tempo flow with a repetitious message as it modulates to the end of the song. The message has the intention to remind and ensure the listener of who Jesus was and still is. He’s the light of the world. He’s the king of kings and lord of lords. The Lion and the Lamb of God. Mother’s Tears- is a song that has an emotional feel. It’s inspired by the perilous times that we are all facing today. It cries and pleads the case for mothers who have lost a child through tragic circumstances. The message speaks loud and clear as it rides to the emotional track with a marching beat, a melodic piano and piercing guitars. 

It ends with the heartfelt chant, “While our babies are dying, mother are crying.” Leah is now in the processes of finishing her album and is on a journey of continuing to inspire others while bringing forth Gods word through her music ministry. It’s all about the message for her. She is on a mission to set herself apart from other Contemporary Gospel artists by establishing her music as being Message Music. God’s Way EP is now in all digital outlets.

Though she was featured in recently released Lifoti's January/February 2020 issue 11, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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