Rick Stone dynamic mix of talent and a great attitude can go a long way in the music world

The small town of Mount Clemens lies nestled on the shore of Anchor Bay, just a bit north of Detroit, with a clear view of our neighbors in Canada. Halfway between city and country, that’s where Rick Stone was born. As a young man he grew up hunting, hiking, fishing, all the things a growing man does to learn and respect his place in the world. His involvement in Scouts was an excellent outlet for his outdoorsy side as well. When he got to high school Rick became a member of the marching band, playing trumpet and baritone, a skill that would serve him well later in life. While in high school, at age 16, Rick started working in the kitchen at Mount Clemens General Hospital. He learned young the pride and responsibilities of hard work, another lesson from his youth that proved even more useful over time. 

Just after graduating from high school Rick enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1985 and was stationed with A company 51st Signal Battalion in Ludwigsberg Germany from ‘85 to ‘87 before being stationed with C company 151st Signal Battalion 1st Infantry Division in Ft. Riley Kansas from ‘87 to ‘89. He served four years active duty, achieving the rank of Staff Sergeant. During this time Rick also served as a bugle player, from “Reveille” to “Taps” he played the soundtrack to a military day. He counts this as the first time besides high school band that he had performed for an audience. After completing his four years of active duty Rick enlisted with the Michigan National Guard in 1989 and enrolled in Officer Candidate School attaining the rank of 2nd Lieutenant. During his Signal Officer Basic course Rick moved to Georgia. He may have grown up between city and country but now his feet were firmly planted in the heartland.

While working in Georgia, Rick would often pass an old music store and silently promise himself that one day he’d learn to play guitar, if for nothing else than to sit by a campfire and sing a few songs with some friends. Either way, he always had the desire to perform. Paulding Music in Newhope (Dallas), Georgia is a small town music shop. Their slogan is “Play Loud, Play Often.” It’s just what Rick needed to hear. Some individuals are born with music on their mind. For Rick, music was always a passion. However, life doesn’t always give you time to enjoy those passions. But where passion is concerned we tend to make our own rules. Whether it was his bedroom, his ‘72 Plymouth Scamp, or the barracks on base Rick always liked to have his music loud. But not just loud, it’s gotta sound good, and they wouldn’t make it sound that good if they didn’t want it played loud. Sound logic. With his variety of musical tastes Rick preferred to have the best available stereo blasting the hottest new tracks. Life certainly kept him busy but music was always there at the end of the day. So when life gave him the chance to play music with friends Rick jumped at the opportunity.

Picking up the guitar at any age can be a daunting challenge. At age forty Rick decided it was time to give it a try. He picked it up quickly and began writing songs as he learned to play. His guitar teacher Luke became the first bassist in his first band in June of 2006. The Rick Byers Band started out by playing every Friday for four months at the Acworth VFW. It certainly wasn’t what Rick expected to happen. He stopped in to Paulding Music to learn a bit of guitar to  pick on a porch or play around a fire, but now he was a performer, filling a part he was born to play. But finding the right musicians for a band can be difficult. However, Rick has been fortunate to work with many talented musicians. Working with established and respected players from the area helped him learn a lot about music and the industry. It also taught him to take any opportunity to play as a working musician. A dynamic mix of talent and a great attitude can go a long way in the music world. Rick and his band went from playing raucous Friday night shows at the VFW to playing prestigious venues like MadLife Studios, Belle Meade Plantation in Nashville and the Georgia State Fair. He’s also opened for well known southern rock and country acts like Confederate Railroad, Ricochet, Neal McCoy, Cam and Shooter Jennings.

Having a full band behind him helped Rick build his confidence to get out and play solo gigs. Now you can find him playing in a variety of venues with friends Mark Edwards on drums and Brian Bennet on lead guitar as Rick Stone and The Band of Brothers. Stone can also be found doing duo sets with Bennett or holding down the stage solo. Being able to thrive in different settings illustrates his ability to adapt to the situation. He can assemble a band that has never played together before and put in his best effort no matter what, impressing the crowds every time. Give Rick a chance, he’ll make it happen. It’s that kind of attitude that has earned him nominations for The Georgia Country Awards Male Artist of the Year three years in a row. Even with the accomplishments and accolades he has received Rick remains humble. Because at the end of the day, the music is what matters.

Like any good writer Rick always has a song in mind. Whether he’s writing alone or with his wife Lisa it’s always something he’s thinking about. He has a keen sense about what people expect from a song. He knows that if it resonates true with him then others are bound to feel the same. His songs are approachable and familiar. They’re like hanging out with a good friend who knows what you need to hear after a bad day. That’s what makes his writing stand out from many other musicians, he’s not trying to impress you or be something he’s not. He’s real, authentic, genuine, sincere and it’s refreshing. The music industry is full of fakes. Fans of real country music have no patience for fakery and can tell when something comes from the heart. It’s for that reason Rick has been so well received by the music community.

As a military veteran, Rick realizes the value of contributing to his community and makes time each year to perform for various charity events including St. Judes and shows at the American Legions just to name a few. He has been featured in Full Throttle and Rising Star magazines as well as many local Georgia newspapers. His radio appearances include WMYL Merle FM, 96Jasper, Kicks 101.5, WKOV 103.5 and Channel 3 Chattanooga. His first single, “Me and You” aired in 2009. The success of that track was followed by fan favorites ‘This Ole Road’, ‘I’m Your Man’ and ‘Never Started Drinking’, among others. According to Rick, “‘Never Started Drinking’ was inspired by a conversation with a couple I knew, they were arguing, she stormed off, my friend turned to me and said ‘I never really drank much till I met her,’ and it just went from there.” But Rick draws from personal experience as well, ‘I’m Your Man’ was written  when he and his wife Lisa took a trip to Gatlinburg around Christmas. They had been shopping and walking for a few days and Rick lost himself over dinner. “I showed my backside at dinner, stomped off like a child back to the hotel and after a stop at Sugarlands for a jar of shine I wrote the song in minutes,” he said looking back on the experience. The song ‘This Ole Road’ comes from Rick and his family’s love for the Cohutta wilderness near their home where they often escape to for a little peace and to enjoy the beauty of the mountains. Rick is currently working on compiling a full length album of original songs due out in 2020.

Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's January/February 2020 issue 11, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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