StunnyG is Speaking Truth to Power Bringing Light to Darkness

StunnyG is certain to make waves, metaphorically and literally, with his new EP “Presidential”, releasing January 20th 2020. Literally because the content is not establishment-friendly. Metaphorically because the songs will make you want to move your whole body. “Presidential” will be the first of its kind, molding politically conscious lyrics with the modern sound of mainstream Hip Hop. Positive, upbeat instrumentals will bring to life the usually insensitive rhymes. Some may even find them offensive. You will be tapping your feet and bobbing your head, in deep thought, plotting on how you too can help change the world. This is only the beginning as he will continue to wade through the sludge of censorship that is plaguing our world today. There isn’t a time more important than right now. With all the divisive politics, manipulations and deceptions, we the people need to stand together. A unified populous indeed scares the establishment. In fact, it is their greatest enemy. This is why it is of utmost importance to utilize distractions to maximum capability. Smoke and mirrors is one of the weapons of those in power. 

StunnyG has a weapon of his own, the truth. Going forward, he will be adding layers to the already solidified foundation. “Presidential” will be one of those layers, evolving the genre of political rap and bringing you up close and personal to an all-out rebellion. StunnyG is from a small town in Southern New Jersey, where he has lived for the majority of his life. Being born in Martinsville, VA it is a twist of fate that he ended up two and half hours away from the birthplace of Hip Hop. He has been writing lyrics on and off for half his life but only decided about three years ago to take it seriously. He had an itch that had to get scratched. His biggest influence is DMX. Even as a young kid, he could feel the pain and passion of DMX’s lyrics. This inspired him to want to deliver that same feeling. Once Eminem was on the scene, it became evident it was possible for a white artist to make a name in Hip Hop. Thoughts of being an emcee would come to haunt him, in a sense, as mustering up the courage to put his music out in the world eluded him. 

Having over thirty songs written, he hit the studio and linked up with a professional engineer that would come to play a major role in his evolution. Luzity, from Lofty Sound Studios, is partly responsible for where StunnyG is today. StunnyG’s first two mixtapes, “Patience” and “Belief”, were a great starting point. These were the songs he held onto for years on paper that he just had to get on wax. After this, however, was a new and unexplored frontier. The familiar doubt was beginning to creep back in as he wondered if he was good enough to continue, if he was good enough to actually make a living from music. His song “No Turning Back” (Prod. By Just Blaze for a contest) changed everything. He realized his love for the music and knew he couldn’t just walk away. After a multitude of singles over the next year, all with different vibes as he tried to find his sound, he put together his first official EP. This work would come to define the path he is now walking.

“Thunder in the Sky” EP is a journey of a red pilled artist, confronting the establishment, namely the U.S. government, society, religion, the devil and even death itself. The truth hurts, and well, StunnyG does not hesitate to bring the pain! He is also unafraid of detailing his past which has brought him to this point. Full of gratitude, he has once experienced the loneliness, desperation and darkness of addiction. Being in his addiction, he ironically never believed in himself. This addiction was a major hurdle for him to climb and he certainly fought his way out, evolving into the man he is today. His need to pursue music is what brought him out of that darkness. 

Now being in recovery, he intends to spread a message of hope. His purpose is clearly defined. StunnyG started his company, Lead Yourself Entertainment, after realizing he would have to become a marketer and a businessman. This will, in turn, allow him to be the full time musician he envisions becoming. His first EP was released under the company name, as his next EP will be and all else that will follow. Anticipate “Presidential” to turn heads and get people interested in politics, in a different light. Armed with a different perspective, he hopes you will begin to lead your own self. Only we know what is best for us. We cannot expect anyone from above to deliver on their promises to we the people. Those in power operate in their best interests, as should we. This is a dire time and standing together we can show what we truly are capable of. Change will only come when we demand it, together. StunnyG hopes to bring awareness, shattering the paradigm of left/right politics, proving where the real power lies.

Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's January/February 2020 issue 11, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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