Peso Pedro engages listeners attention by switching tempos and utilizing snappy catch phrases

Peso Pedro is a rap artist and songwriter from the heart of Charleston, South Carolina. He is the youngest of four children and described his childhood as being one of the memorable moments of his life. His childhood was marked by good and bad times and a little challenging at times due to the social climate of the city. His passion for music sparked when he started rapping at his Uncle’s recording studio. He remembers the thrill of being behind the mic for the first time and often uses that feeling to push through challenging times of his career as a musician. Peso Pedro’s music is an adventurous mixture of sounds and feelings. Peso Pedro embraces various musical inspiration that range in inspiration from the roller coster of real life experiences like relationship issues to fun songs that are played at parties.

2017 was a challenging year for Peso Pedro, marked by many highs and lows. He released his first mixtape Peso Pedro in the beginning of 2017, which was exciting and promising because of its popularity among his fans. His south-east promo tour was cut short after he was stroked by a vehicle while skating in the streets of Charleston. His recovery from a fractured hip took several months and surgeries to heal. Although this injury took away from his focus on music, he used this life changing event to create and write more songs and produce a line up of songs that would soon make up this second release. 

In 2018, as Peso Pedro continued his recovery from his 2017 injuries, he recorded and released Before the Sauce. An album filled with a wide range of sounds and experiences. Some of the most poplar tracks from this release include A Part of Me, Pack Touchdown and Jerome Bettis. 

Apart of Me is a song about a very special woman that lies to Peso and breaks his heart. She leaves him, taking a part of him with her. Pack Touchdown and Jerome Bettis are songs to relatable to people to working hard to get their money right. One of the ways Peso Pedro engages listeners attention is by switching tempos and utilizing snappy catch phrases. His music style creates a fun experience for any listener. 

At the end of 2018 Peso Pedro joined Atlantic Wave, an independent group of creators of various form of expressive art. Since then, he has performed in several venues in Charleston, SC and Atlanta, GA. He has traveled through cities and towns in between like Columbia, Savannah, and Sumpter promoting his music. 

Peso Pedro is currently writing the songs for a mixtape labeled Sauced Up planned to be released on January 2020. 

Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's January/February 2020 issue 11, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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