Marquis AKA F.L.U. has an unconventional approach to rap music…

As a poor boy growing up in various burrows of New York, New York, the two that has had the most impact on Marquis Bean A.K.A. F.L.U. (Facts Life Understanding) , was the Bronx and Brooklyn. "My life in Brooklyn was to me, the beginning of my life's story. It was the day when I was 5 years old, and my biological mother sent me to live with my 'adopting' family on Malcom X Blvd. Was I not wanted?" Then F.L.U. and his new family moved to Hampton, Virginia, hundreds of miles away from his real family. He would visit his mom who had moved to the Bronx, during school summer break. "I was getting older and I was able to see and understand alot more. Going to the Bronx I saw so much. So much violence, but I also saw so much love on the block. We took care of each other on Elder Ave. But we fought too. I remember holding my first gun... I remember watching some of the most dangerous people I knew come in to my apartment and do things that I know a young boy wasn't supposed to see. But for whatever reason, I was not bothered. I only wished my mother was safe. I only cared about her. If I thought she was in trouble I would rush out my room and be ready to fight anyone who was making her cry or yell, didn't care how bad he was. I couldn't hurt no man back then so they would just laugh at me, go upside my head and my mom would send me to bed."

     F.L.U. would spend 7 years in Virginia and finally reside in Bloomington-Normal, Illinois. "That is where I learned that racism still existed. I'm not saying that everyone there was racist, I'm saying that the few people who were, just wasn't afraid to show it. Overall I had more problems with my own people than the others. We fought over stupid things, none of it was worth anyone getting hurt over. But I did meet alot of good people! That is where I first decided to do music!"

     Marquis would learn to make beats, take his poetic writing and learn to rap, and then ultimately release a local project called "Hip Hop's Finest" with a group consisting of a few friends. "It was me, Aaron, Quannie, Brandon, Mike, and Dominique. Mike was the master mind. He was my best friend and his brother Marx definitely right behind him. He took me in when I was homeless at age 16 thru 17. I owe him the world." Though the mixtape was never released on mainstream, it did bring attention to the group. Rival rap groups emerged to challenge them lyrically and for popularity in school. "It was a friendly rivalry. Sometimes the songs would get too personal and we would be like 'Yo don't say that bro, take that out take that out...' But most times it was funny. We would just have people in school laughing at how we would clown on each other on a track. Normal Community West never saw anything like it before."

     Marquis would have to put down the mic shortly after he picked it up. He would join the U.S. Marines just barely 18 after he graduated high school. "Yea I was tryna take care of this girl I met. She had a son. He wasn't mine but we just lost our job at Target and the car was broke down... I had to do something." Marquis did not know that his girl "Pumpkin" was cheating on him. "Yea that hurt me for over a decade... Knowing that I signed up during war time for her and she was out of town dealing with her ex." But I didn't let it stop me." Marquis would complete 12 successful years in the service, spanning a tour of Iraq, Japan, Philippines, and many other places across the world.

     Two years after his military separation in 2015, F.L.U. was ready to get back into music. He had to re-learn his lost talents but with that came new ideas, concepts, and stories to write about. He then decided to put himself through Audio Engineer School and was able to obtain a Certification. "That to me was the single most important thing I ever did toward my music. Learning what Sound is. Not learning how to make them but learning what it is. When you know, you can manipulate it on so many levels." Marquis and his new wife Mary would go on to start Marquis' music career.

Currently F.L.U. is not something that is known on a global scale and he is not someone you could pull out of a crowd. "I'm an inspiration to the people who know me and how hard I work. I work 120 plus hours every 2 weeks and I still find time to write music. I don't always finish though... thats the problem. But the projects I have finished, I get positive feedback on. Most people do not understand why I am not popular or known by more people. I think its just the right person has not heard me yet. I have no doubts in myself as an artist. I don't have a style. I am style." Marquis will be releasing several projects very soon. He is currently working on a single called "Versatile (Who is This)" and another song for Las Vegas where he currently resides. "It isn't where you are from, its where you are at. Vegas can make or break you. I plan to be successful here. Watch out Music. I'm coming for you!"
His best music is on reverbnation. "Keep Her Close" is his latest single which has resonated with hundreds in his area. He intends to pitch it to local stations. "I'm just an average man with above average tenacity. It's going to pay off one day. I just gotta keep pushing. Never let anyone tell me I can't."

Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's January/February 2020 issue 11, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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