Omega GT: In a short time he’s becoming known for his stage presence, camera awareness and... performance.

Born in the not so big - not so small county of Georgetown, South Carolina where, as he stated, “I was considered a natural by all of the city favorites”. Now, he has become one of the city's favorites and, if the stars are on his side, one of the worlds. How could one make such bold predictions? Well, let's look at the pros and cons of an artist. Not many of today’s artists possess the ability to tell a story and stay on complete topic like all of the greats; the ability to change up his delivery from beat to beat; easily he goes from a faster, more midwestern style to a slower southern flow.

Omega GT, born as Betran Waring, is a man of integrity. He was faced with one of the greatest adversities that one may face in their youth. Some criminal offense charges that could potentially result in a life plus 30 years sentence. Fortunately, in his own words, “I only had to serve 15 years because I plead out during trail.” He was charged for Armed Robbery, 1st Degree Burglary, Manufacturing\Distributing Cocaine and Grand Larceny. Public Records, he didn’t actually commit the crime, or crimes, himself. Omega GT was considered the Mastermind behind the crime(s) and his co defendants, were the committers. This is where his life changes. Where he found out everyone isn’t as honorable as he is.

Coming up he was known as a natural when it came to rapping and writing songs. When he was only 17, he released his first mixtape, “Young World”, which is considered a hometown classic to this day. During that time he was making his a name for himself as one of the better rappers in his community, linking him with Raw Society, a group that was associated with the late Camoflauge (Jason Johnson RIP).

“During that time in my life I didn’t know what direction my life was headed,'' stated Omega GT. “I was devastated from that loss. Not only did this incredible individual and rapper who took interest in me lost his life, a mother lost her child, wife lost her husband and children lost their father. Not to mention my mother was struggling, my dad was incarcerated, my favorite aunt had a fed bid and I was living my life at full speed.”

After Omega GT got incarcerated he did not stop writing. In fact, “I begin writing even more,'' he stated. “The only thing that actually changed was my topics and the styles of beats that I had to write to.” In prison, there were no studio beats (unless you illegally had a cellphone), only ID-clips, spoons, ink pens or the main component, your hands and\or mouth to create the sound you were looking for. Other than that it was the radio itself. Canceling out whatever artist on whatever beat in order to write to it.

In his words, “I truly believe that my time of incarceration not only help me to evolve as an artist, but as a man. I was able to find out who I am as an individual. I was able to acknowledge the different paths my life could go upon my release. I became more ‘aware’ of my overall existence.” Omega GT got locked up September 20th of 2004 and was released on the 1st of September 2017. After he was released, he was faced with 2 years of parole in order to complete his mandatory 15  years he pleaded to.

Since his release Omega GT has been involved in lots of rap\song competitions. Many of them he won and was not able to go to the second round due to his travel restrictions from probation. Although he continued to perform and compete despite the fact that he wouldn’t be able to complete many of them, if not all.

On the 14th of June 2019 he released his first EP this titled “Boiling Point”. I asked him what influenced that title and he replied, “ because I couldn’t get that ‘One Mic’ beat to clear for me to use for profit, besides for live shows.” Everyone who has heard the one mic instrumental already know that the beat alone is a classic. They also know that the great Nasir “Nas” Jones wrote a classic to that beat. What everyone does not know? Omega GT was considered to have done the same by all who have heard the “#IAmOmega” song, or seen the video on YouTube.

His ep consisted of 4-tracks that could be found on every major streaming platform. Each song, as explained by Omega GT “comes from my experiences in life and it is leading up to my album.” I asked him if he had a personal favorite and he said, “It’s always my next song,” and smiled that Hollywood smile that’ll make one believe he’s already famous. “Still,” he continued, “if I had to choose a personal favorite off of that EP, it would have to be ‘Keep On’ because of the sentimental value.” We spoke on his upcoming album titled “Undeniably Great” and his feelings towards it. “I’m excited to just be free and able to do what I love, while hoping people can relate to my truth. I place my heart and soul into every single song that I create. Be it for the club, for vanity, for love and\or loss of etcetera. I write because at one time in my life it was all I had left.”

Now a father, he feels more compelled to spread his truth to the world. Maybe he will blow. He definitely possess the skills to become one of the greats. Maybe his time has passed, that’s happened a time or two as well. Or maybe, just maybe, the world will be able to relate to someone who should be considered “A Real One”, by anybody’s standards.

Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's January/February 2020 issue 11, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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