Diving deeper into Go10 sound is an opportunity to get a sense of what great hip-hop should be like

Go10 is a really talented artist with a stunning creative approach. He does a lot of solo stuff, but he is also busy with Dynamik Duo, a collaboration with fellow producer T-JILLA. Go10's music instantly makes me think of fellow artists the likes of Wu-Tang Clan, J-Dilla, J. Cole, Logic, MF DOOM, NAS, OUTKAST, Three 6 Mafia and UGK, among others. What makes Go10's sound special is the fact that his sounds have a distinctive quality. As a producer, he knows just how to select the right sample and make the most out of the melodic tones on his track, tweaking them all to perfection to achieve some amazing results. There is a human element to his instrumental, which echoes the days of the golden age when artists like J-Dilla or The Pharcyde didn't rely as much on over processing, as they did on talent, vision, and creativity.

Go10 has got that "it" moment and his innovative approach is all about looking back while moving  forward. The results can be incredibly interesting and quite rewarding for the listeners since the music can't be easily categorized and lumped in with a crowd of average producers. Whether he is working on his solo tracks, or doing projects with his duo, you can rest assured about one thing: Go10 is going to put all of his passion and hard work to make sure nothing less than extraordinary comes out of his studio!

The fans are loving it, and the numbers don't lie. Go10 is growing his reputation by the minute, appealing to fans of rap, R&B, and neo-soul alike. Even lover of instrumental hip-hop and trip-hop vibes will easily connect with the artist's remarkable vision and one-of-a-kind tone.   Go10 achieved many amazing milestones in his career. His instrumental song, "No Turning Back" has been featured in "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta" In addition to that, his other instrumental song along with Duo partner,"Speed Racer," appeared on "FrankenFood," a series on Spike TV. He is also about to release some juicy upcoming projects, such as an album titled "Craftmatic Tactics," as well as an EP titled "Pandemonium."

He also has something new in store with T-Jilla, a new instrumental album titled The Green Pack, Vol. 4: Fluent Harmonics. These are only some of the many amazing milestones that the artist was able to accomplish throughout the span of his fascinating career. He also has a rich discography (most of his releases are thankfully available on the web), which is a testament to his creativity. Diving deeper into his sound is an opportunity to get a sense of what great hip-hop should be like. There aren't many producers who are interested in bringing back some warmth to the scene, but thankfully, Go10 is one of them. 

He is not the kind of artist who would use ready-made presents or the usual loops. He creates, manipulates, and comes up with amazing sounds, and the results truly stand out in the crowd. Production is all about sound design, and great tones are what can make or break a song. After all, he definitely learned from the best on the scene, judging by his diverse musical influences! From using tasteful old-school samples with vintage tone to channeling a massive, modern low end into his mixes, Go10 is able to create tracks that transcend production styles, often offering a great introduction to his broad talent, showing the world what he can do!

Go10 is generating a lot of buzz through his music, and he has been featured in many online music publications, including Music Existence, Jamsphere, Indie Band Guru, TunedLoud! and Middle Tennessee Music Magazine, just to mention but a few. He was also featured on college and internet radio stations, such as Crescent City Radio, Blaze 1 Radio, and Juice Radio.  Recently in 2019, he unveiled a single titled "Dreamz." This release is a really perfect example of the artist's creative vision and musical aesthetics, really hitting the mark with a fantastic tone and a really huge sounding production.

Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's January/February 2020 issue 11, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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