Militant Rapper 50 Capone Straight From Stockton pursuing Hip Hop

Melvin Williams Jr., also known as 50 Capone, is an african american songwriter, producer, performer, rapper, singer, philanthropist and entrepreneur. He was born 9 April 1978 in Stockton, CA but due to domestic violence in the home his mother left Northern California and raised him in the heart of Los Angeles. He and his family moved around the city of Los Angeles frequently which allowed him to develop a love for the city which runs deep. He would spend summer vacations with different family members in different cities throughout California which would add to his abilities to be adaptive and diverse. While growing up he would often visit professional and home recording studios thanks to family connections. At the young age of 11, again thanks to family connections, he had the opportunity to visit the Jackson family recording studio where he would hear a playback of his voice for the first time. The moment he heard the playback of his voice recording, he instantly knew he wanted to become a music artist. Although he had always been exposed to music as a child, he began exploring different genres of music and artists. From blues to rock and roll, rap to harmonic symphonies he enjoys listening and learning from them all.
Surrounded by violence throughout the city of Los Angeles, he was able to find his escape in sports and music. At the age of 15 he began writing and freestyling as an outlet. Being inspired by artists like Tupac, DMX, Gap band, and Earth Wind and Fire just to name a few, allowed Capone to develop many different writing styles. He attended several different high schools in California and always found himself in a music class playing the snare drum or the xylophone. His extensive music taste, exceptionally deep voice and straightforward attitude gives his fans catchy yet diverse music to listen to. Though he was always drawn to music and writing, at the age of 18 he chose to begin a career in the US Army but never ceased in mastering his writing styles and skills along the way. His inspiration to join the military came from his grandfather who served a career in the United States Marine Corp. While serving in the US Army he never pursued an album project but he would continue to write, record and perform on the underground scene throughout Northern California. He would also appear on different mixtapes and provide features for several underground artist. In 2003 he set up his first studio with a couple of friends and relatives and began recording projects for local artists. Through this he learned how to produce his own beats using programs such as fruity loops and reasons. He would also pick up his engineering skills at this point using programs like samplitude and pro tools. Over the years he would continue to refine his skills by continuously writing and recording as he knew one day he would pursue his passion as an artist.
As his career in the military grew he became unable to dedicate his time to music and stepped away from the studio for awhile. While serving he reached the rank of E7, Sergeant First Class and assisted in the training of over 500 soldiers. After retiring from the Army in 2012 he decided to pursue his passions to be a musician, entrepreneur and philanthropist. Upon retirement he began investing in multiple local business opportunities which were successful. In 2015 he would go on to establish his own successful business as a self-employed handyman. Also in 2015 he would also go on to establish his first non-profit organization for the youth in the city if Stockton, Ca. The organization provides athletics and mentorship for boys and girls ages five to fourteen. In 2018 along with a couple of his closest cousins he decided to open another studio and start recording. Currently Capone is spending his time in the recording studio working on new projects to kick off his professional music career. He is also spending time in the community, working with the youth and donating to local charities. Whenever he isn't helping out in his community and recording he chooses to spend time with his 6 children. Capone is a firm believer in “kids are the future...” and an advocate for believing “it's never too late to chase your dreams”.
He was featured in recently released Lifoti's June 2019 influencer issue, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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