Mudd Flux working hard for touring and building fanbase

Mudd Flux is made up of four very strong and brilliant musicians who emerged in late 2017 with a vision that has proven to be successful. Mudd Flux are Becky Scheufler on vocals, Jason Gautney on guitar, Richard Young on bass and Zac Kuder on drums. The band came together in mid-2017, “it was July 17th of 2017. We had got together and I had just got back here from being in Texas for thirty years,” said Gautney. “They (Scheufler and Young) had been in a band called Medicine Trian.” The members of Mudd Flux are no strangers to the stage and performing in bands. They each got involved in music from an early age. 
When Mudd Flux hit the music scene in early 2018, they quickly grabbed a lot of attention. Their experience played a key role in the development of the band, “we planned it, I mean we worked hard, so we had step by step a vision,” said Scheufler. Even with all the preparation, Mudd Flux have faced challenges as any band does, in today’s market, independent bands face the decision whether or not to release their music traditionally as EPs or LPs, or focusing on digital only releases. Mudd Flux released their first EP, the self-titled Mudd Flux, in January of 2018. One of the first things fans will notice about Mudd Flux is lead singer Becky Scheufler. As a female fronted band, Mudd Flux have a different sound than most groups in the scene today. 

Mudd Flux recently signed with 434 Management and will likely show the importance of this relationship for the band. Mudd Flux brings a unique sound to the stage and have played with a variety of musicians, allowing them to reach new fans. They are in the final four of the We Are Tulsa Music Awards; they are up for Best New Band and Best Metal Band.
Though they was featured in recently released Lifoti's January/February 2020 issue 11, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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