When you hear the tag YouAlreadyKno at the top of the track you know it’s a J_on_it record. The 26 year old up and coming emcee and producer out of Rock Hill, South Carolina is a true independent artist operating under his own imprint Phuk Society Music.      

In the world of Hip-hop today mumble rap for the most part dominates the main stream. But this single father emcee right here I put my money where my mouth is, will eat your favorite rapper alive for lunch. This man can really spit some bars on the mic.
They say one of the first steps to do as a artist to becoming professional is branding yourself, and that he did. With quite the name for his brand and label, Phuk Society (Music) which uses the all seeing eye “Illuminati sign” as the logo. J_on_it released his 1st mixtape “Phuk Society The Tape Vol.1” April 20th 2018 following with his 2nd mixtape .

The Greater Darkness Halloween of the 2018. Which he made the beats for every track on both those projects as well as handling all the mixing and mastering for both projects. Now if you ask J he himself will tell you those projects we’re learning and studying projects. He has now recently released his 3rd project “ALL I KNO” June 21st of this year, and this one we can defy call a official release. With releasing the single Drift away two months prior to the release the track had over 10k streams on Spotify by the time the project dropped. The project has close to 20k streams so far on Spotify. Tracks you deft want to check are No apologies, Drift Away, Me ft y.c.g, Friends, Flow Too Cold, Fade Away and Lord I Pray. Which Lord I Pray is a track about his pending charges.  

This kid has been through some shit. With only two exams left to take his senior year in high school he woke up a few days after those last two days of school from a coma he went into that Monday morning. He was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis which J says the dr’s never could tell him how he got it. As you listen to “ALL I KNO” you’ll hear J talk into some deep detail of the shit he’s been through the past few years. From speaking on waking up from the sound of his baby momma shooting herself with his gun to spitting about facing 25 years without a chance at parole for trafficking and weapon charges, to friends not being loyal in today’s world to hooking up with haters girlfriends. I’m telling you this dude is something serious when it comes to this Hip-Hop shit. He is as blunt with his lyrics as you can be. J_on_it definitely means he  “tell it straight how it is ion sugar coat shit”. As you listen through All I Kno you won’t be disappointed at all if you ask me.
If you like that 90’s real spitter underground kicking flows  kind of rap you definitely want to check this guy out. He’s got one hell of a flow and I got to say the man talks some real ass shit in these songs, from stories about waking up from his baby momma shooting herself with his gun too legal troubles with our messed up system. J_on_it will tell you himself Phuk Society YouAlreadyKno I have No Apologies. This young emcee is a artist that is speaking for the people and is if I would say definitely accepted in the culture of Hip-Hop where he most definitely stands out and above the mumble rappers. 

Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's January/February 2020 issue 11, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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