The journey of an aspiring artist is naturally littered with road blocks, detours & any other possible hazard. Jessica Shores took this road as an artist but her personal journey had an equal amount of obstacles.

From Orange County, California. She known for her unique sound, which can be described as a seamless blend of pop, dance, electronic, and hip-hop, Jessica has never been afraid to experiment with all styles of music. Jessica was involved with the arts as far back as she can remember. Musically, she was captivated by sounds and rhythms, and she was active in her school band. Although she has been gaining a considerable amount of success through the years, it would not come without extreme misfortune along the way. 

When she was 16, Jessica became paralyzed. She had a surgical procedure called a  lamenectomy, and was told that she would not walk again. When she was 18, Jessica was diagnosed with a rare mitochondrial disorder and was told that most people who have it have a life expectancy of approximately 30 years. 

This disorder primarily affects the brain, nervous system, and muscles, and causes muscle weakness and pain, headaches, seizures, altered consciousness, vision abnormalities, and stroke-like episodes. Jessica would go on to have 15 surgeries due  to complications from her condition. Jessica’s passion & desire to achieve her dream as a pop star would enable her to defy the impossible and slowly but surely get back to her  feet. Against all odds, Jessica would walk again. And today, she is able to perform live shows with energetic and intricate dance moves.

Aside from her music career, Jessica plays a very popular character on the hit podcast “The Ding Dong Show”, which is part of the DeathSquad podcast network. Her single ‘Monica Lewinsky’ displays her club heavy hip-hop side, with an 808 heavy beat and memorable lyrics like “presidential status- Bill Clinton stlye” this single is still in heavy rotation as the perfect pop tune. Pop isn’t the only avenue Jessica visits, ‘Got The Jack Daniels Blues’ is a soulful departure from her pop singles, steeped in Blues and live instrumentation. Heavy guitar solos and dirty drums are far from the 808s and computerized sounds of her other work. 

Currently, Jessica is creating a widespread buzz all over the world. Jessica’s campaign is taking off not only in the United States, but in various other countries as well. Her career as an artist is continually growing as she branches out into the world.

Though she was featured in recently released Lifoti's January/February 2020 issue 11, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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