FS Projekt Bringing the Power Back to Metal Since 2013

FS PROJEKT is an independent original fantasy-metal project of Sergei Fomin (a.k.a. Efes/FS) - a Russian composer, arranger, poet, producer, guitarist and bassist, who resides in the very heart of Russia - Moscow. What really matters for Efes is the integrity of his original creative vision. This vision is totally independent of the tone of the music market or any outside influences whatsoever, as well as free of audience preferences and hip but fleeting trends. 

FS PROJEKT’s songs are created and recorded solely at their author’s expense and, thus, on the author’s conditions only. In his musical activities Efes has absolutely no obligations to any parties, and this is what allows him to achieve absolute freedom and integrity in his creativity. Efes has an accomplished original creative vision for his music, lyrics and artwork, that goes with them. Each FS PROJEKT song is a result of selfless, meticulous and zealous labor in which nothing is left to chance. Their extreme tightness, power, and drive combined with incredible musical virtuosity has made quite an impression on the Metal genre. Fantasy as a genre is the defining concept of FS PROJEKT’s songs. However in this case it is to be understood as broadly as possible. 

FS PROJEKT’s songs either draw on themes from certain fantasy universes (see Annex 2) or are totally independent creative plots presented through fantasy. At the same time in no way does this stylistic concept come down to such notoriously narrow genre as power metal in terms of music and arrangements. But it goes without saying that FS PROJEKT’s music will be a real treat and feast for the ears of all fans of Blind Guardian, Iced Earth, Iron Savior, Manticora, Falconer and the like. Efes allows himself no breaks - he’s continually composing, arranging and recording new songs. Being a studio endeavor, FS PROJEKT is currently seeking new coverage and exposure opportunities. Apart from Efes, all other musicians, sound engineers and other specialists participate in FS PROJEKT solely on session and paid basis.

Though they was featured in recently released Lifoti's January/February 2020 issue 11, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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