A River Runs Thru It Band, Chasing Big-Sky Dreams

A River Runs Thru it an alternative rock band (pop punk/Emo) hailing from a small mining town in Montana.Formed in the early months of twenty seventeen, and are currently active with no plans to stop anytime soon! Their sound consists of energetic and aggressive compositions with a mix of emotional melodic guitar and vocals. Currently two singles out, first one we released last year named “Cody”and the second single “I’ve Got A Bad Feeling About This” released May of 2019. They take heavy inspiration from the bands they grew upon such as: Taking Back Sunday,Senses Fail, The Used, to newer bands like: Basement and The Wonder Years. The band love the idea of bringing back that early 2000’s emo/punk sound and adding their own originality to it. Through the lyrics and album art they like to show roots and represent where they come from.Artwork for merch reflects wildlife and punk personality, from a buck smoking a cigarette to a Grim Reaper Reeling in Trout!

How you meet?
We’ve known each other since we were children. Michael Smith(Lead Singer) and Joseph Smith(also knowns as Joe- or Joey)(Lead Guitar) are Brothers. Milan Garcia (Rhythm Guitar/Vocals)became friends with the two brothers when they were children and later in high school, they met Cody Peterson (Bassist).

How did the band form?
Shortly out of high school Milan and Joey formed a band that fell through. Though their first attempt was not a success they continued to work on music 2 together. Michael was singing in a band at the time called Verites but his project disbanded as well. After the closures of both music projects we formed our current project. Shortly down the line Cody was interested in joining but with no bass or guitar experience. Seeing that he had to completely learn an instrument he has come a long way in such a short amount of time and we are happy to have him be a part of our musical venture.

How got name?
The movie, A River Runs Through Starring Brad Pitt is about two brothers growing up in rural Montana. We are so fond of the movie that we thought “why not name ourselves after such an incredible story?” We can relate to it so much because it is where we grew up. We are determined to pump out the best quality music and entertainment we can offer: Music videos, Live performances, and Recordings. We are high energy and love putting on a show, from crowded basement shows to open stage policy bar venues we love to keep the party going(crowd surfers welcome!) and if pits aren’t your thing and you’re the type of person that likes to sit back and listen to the performance we have you covered. We pride ourselves on providing excellent stage performance and sound quality. We keep keep our sound as true to the recording as possible! We really hope to take you on this wild journey with us!

What’s Next?
We have spent the last year writing new material and learning how and what works best for u sand really defining our sound…new tunes are on the way! The plan is to record an 8-song Ep but we want to try fit in a ninth song if we utilize our 8 days of recording time well enough! The album will be titled “Living Under the Weather”. Cody 3 Peterson came up with the name and we all loved the sound of it and decided to go with it. We will be filming a new music video for the debut single. We are also planning on doing a lot of touring in the coming months,we plan to tour the West Coast and Midwest. We also have a new merch line coming out very soon,which is being designed by our friend Micah Rauch from Sketchy Pencil. After all that who knows where this will take us, as long as we love what we are doing and having fun at the same time that’s all I can ask for. we hope you enjoyed a little insight in our family we call “A River Runs Thru It”.

Though they was featured in recently released Lifoti's January/February 2020 issue 11, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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