Washington based hip-hop artist Johnny Rocket, has an unconventional approach to rap music…

Johnny Rocket, a native of the DMV (Washington, DC, Maryland, Virginia) area, fell in love with creating music when he was randomly freestyling to a rap song on his guitar hero mic and the adrenaline and excitement he felt rushing through his veins became the catalyst to his musical career. He created Music Movement, a collective of artists working towards a common goal as well as a support mechanism for DMV artist. Fast forward to the release of his single Distant Flickering, one of his fans’ favorites, followed by his debut album Dope with breakout single Anger Management. Both of those songs, along with other hits songs from Dope was performed at the Fillmore in Silver Spring, MD. in front of thousands. Release after release, Johnny began capturing the following of additional fans from mixed musical genre who enjoys the many facets of Johnny’s music which provides a glimpse into the mind of a lyricist whose words takes you on a journey of love, hurt, emotional reflections, laughter, joy, and good feelings. 
His latest release, Slip ‘N’ Slide, a reflection of the lighter side of the artist, transforms a song about love, sex , and pleasure into a fun sing along and body moving song. Diametrically opposite tempo to Slip ‘N’ Side, was the release of the Rocket Power (The Untold Story) album which dripped with its story telling flow and synergy of real-world struggles around love and young oppression by authority. Rocket Power was an extremely personal and emotional project where Johnny created accompanied videos for Ice in My Veins and Language providing an intimate visual into his powerful lyrics.

Rocket Power was preceded by his double-sided mixed tape project, Trial and Error, with the single Situations as one of its biggest hit songs. This double-sided project also included collaboration with other DMV artists bringing together the combined DMV talents of 3ohblack, Double Oh, KP Canons, Nofreehoes, Projex Santana, WillthaRapper, and Blustar his official DJ. 

Trial and Error showcased the multiplexity of his artistic range with the visually impactful art design for the cover reflective of the different sides of this artist. Johnny had an opportunity to collaborate with Big Flock, another DMV artist, on the hot single Florist around the same time he released three other fan favorites, Adderall, Rollie, and Thotline Bling. You can catch Johnny freestyling over mainstream artists’ beats on his infamous Rap Snacks Vol 1 and 2 compilation.

Johnny has experienced several achievements in his short career span; however, his performance with the West Point Glee Club and the Grammy Award Winning Artist Sam Moore, the Legendary Soul Main, in the production of Johnny Vet in front of thousands at the Rachel M. Schlesinger Concert Hall was a historical moment for Johnny. It presented an opportunity for Johnny to honor military veterans and pay tribute to his maternal grandfather who was an Army 555th Paratrooper. Johnny donated proceeds from this performance to the Armed Forces Retirement Home which is a retirement home for retired military personnel in Washington, DC. Johnny believes regardless where you are in life, giving to help others is a necessity. 

This is a reflection of his upbringing where he would volunteer assisting at retirements home and nonprofit organizations concentrating on helping the homeless. Johnny also would like to take this opportunity to thank his fans for their support and encouragement to his craft. From the fans whom have been with him from the beginning, those who come out to concerts, watch his videos online, and the dms full of their reactions and feelings about his music. He always attempts to respond to all posting from his fans within his social media platforms. “I appreciate all of you so very much!”

Johnny is currently working on the remaining videos for Cash Out, That’s What They All Say, and Muscle which will be some of his next releases and provide the anticipated ending to this particular story of Johnny’s life depicted in the album Rocket Power. He is also in the studio, with one of his staple engineers Nash Nimbus, working on his next album. His releases are stapled features on Spirilla’s spotlights and are available on iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and other music streaming platform as well as several internet and college radio stations.
Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's October/November 2019 issue 10, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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