MCOOH! Seeks To Push Boundaries in Upcoming New EP ‘Can You Feel This?’

Salt-Lake artist, ‘MCOOH!’ – who likes to remind listeners that it is pronounced ‘M-C-O’ – is best known for his emotion-laced lyrics flowing over smooth-but-simple production consisting of acoustics and hard-hitting percussion. Growing up in Vernal, Utah, MCOOH! was originally a member of a small pop-punk group filled with his friends from high-school – with dreams of one day being on radio, and sharing their music to a larger audience. 
However, the small town – supported by oil rigs and centred around mining – proved to be too limiting in its opportunities, forcing MCOOH! to move to Salt-Lake to pursue his music endeavours on a larger scale. First beginning his rap career towards the end of high school in 2011, MCOOH! experimented with differing brackets of music, but soon fell in love with the story-centric body of hip-hop – igniting the young artists heart with the passion to rap. However, it wasn’t until September 2018 that the Utah-artist decided to put his everything into his rap career. Using his phone to record, a plug-in microphone, and an application called ‘Band Lab’, the rapper has now created a small-but-loyal fanbase of just over 1500 fans, over all his social media accounts.

The Utah artist has continued to impress the ears of all those listening to his music; with his experimental touch on all his production, and his strong determination to go against all odds, MCOOH! has achieved a lot in his short-second-start since September 2018. With his tracks ‘It’s Over’ and ‘Escape’ placed on the ReverbNation platform, they have managed to pull the gaze of the curation team – who have given both tracks their endorsement, and co-sign. On the hip-hop dominated app, BattleMe, that gives rappers the opportunity to go head-to-head against each other, MCOOH! has managed to build a fanbase of just over 1030 followers. The platform has also hand-picked the track ‘It’s Over’ to be showcased on the featured tab – giving MCOOH! the opportunity to be listened to by a greater audience.

Throughout MCOOH!’s rap career, has developed a loyal fanbase that are heavily invested in the future of the Utah artists career, as well as each piece of music that is release.Fans of MCOOH! are anxiously waiting for his new EP, ‘Can You Feel This?.’ The EP is expected to be around 4 tracks long and be a deep dive into the emotion-filled experience of the young musician himself. Exploring the emotions of happiness and sadness, to name a few, MCOOH! wishes to make a loud statement with each track, shouting his journey and the hardships he’s endured to be at the platform he is today, to a greater audience. One of the tracks on the EP is also featuring rapper ‘Menace’ – a long time friend and collaborator of MCOOH!. The track is expected to contain great chemistry, with both artists vocals flowing delicately over smooth hip-hop focused production. 
The EP, ‘Can You Feel This?’ is expected to be widely successful, further cementing MCOOH!’s hip- hop career, and expanding his fan-base to a larger scale. MCOOH! is also expected to continue growing his presence on social media, bringing in new listeners on an international scale. As the Utah rapper expands his social impact, he is certain that he will stand out from the rest of the underground scene – due to his lyricism, vocals, and expansive history of music-theory and production.
Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's October/November 2019 issue 10, you can check it from below link's for your country:


  1. Fuck yeah brotha. Bout to win that internet!! Fire from day one broski!!

  2. My hearts so proud of you babe 😉 good job!!!! This is amazing dont ever give up 😘

    1. My hearts so proud of you babe 😉 good job!!!! This is amazing dont ever give up 😘
      Love always Sienna Rae