Teleon The Don: The Return of Hip Hop!

Teleon The Don is Hip Hop's breath of fresh air. His story telling abilities are second to none and can be easily compared to your favorite lyricist from the past. Teleon, (aka Vernon Teague) has managed to release two albums and two mixtapes since being released from IDOC this year. He feels that Hip Hop in general is under attack because the recent influence of trap music has forced many artist to neglect their creativity. Songs such as "Times Like This" and "Stronger" give the audience a burst of inspiration as the listener can relate to the subject matter of each verse. 

Teleon displays and unbiased view of the different situations that come and go within ones life. He also touches on relationships in "Don't Waste Time" and "The Reason". His general vibe includes grammatical cross references along with a variety of beat selections and melodies. Every track has it own unique message which separates Teleon The Don from the rest of the Hip Hop artists today. The Return, produced by Kolaso Gilmore, was Teleon's first album release which dropped January 24, 2019. His story of incarceration to redemption can be easily traced in this nine song album. The personal aspect of this album is the missing element in Hip Hop music. 
Everyone loves a great story, especially when it's real. This album takes the listener on the journey with Teleon from knuckle headed young man to level headed adult. The passion alone is enough for any true fan of Hip Hop to appreciate the Don's talent. Devastated was his next album release which dropped February 21,2019. In this album Teleon puts his past under a microscope as he speaks about topics such as family and his thoughts about the criminal justice system. The self titled song, "Devastated", shows his lyrical ability and also gives an inside look at what residents inside prison face on a daily basis. He also speaks on issues with the people who have since come and gone as a result of pressure from the music industry. Between album releases, Teleon loves to record music to some of the hottest beats around. Knowing that he will not profit from these songs does not stop the Don from showcasing his skills and giving the music to whoever will listen. 

Mixtape Hustle has everything from features to original songs that were produced by DanTheMan. Written material alone does not do justice to this rappers' ability to transport the listener to a different time and place. "Hallucinations" featuring PainBoy 317 is a heartfelt song that describes the struggle many face after returning home and finding that things are not always the same. This mixtape is definitely one that a fan has to add to their collection. Studio Sessions is also a must have for those who love diversity. Teleon reaches out to crowds just to give inspiration and support. The message still being success and growth, he also responds to the naysayers that he is here to stay. The first song "Breather", begins the unique journey as he speaks on taking a break from a relationship that has become a headache while trying to navigate his unique path. As always, his storytelling ability is superb and will not disappoint the true Hip Hop fanatic. 

Teleon The Don's inspiration comes from the Hip Hop music of the 90's. This was a time when storytelling was a craft. The best MC's were known for their ability to paint a picture in the minds of the audience. Many were captivated by the unique style these rappers possessed and became lifelong fans of a particular artist due to their subject matter. Teleon grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana, a city that doesn’t show any remorse for those familiar with the struggle. There were times when his mother, sister, and himself slept in places comparable to shacks. His mother was single at the time and did her best to provide for her two children. This way of living humbled Teleon and allowed him to appreciate the simple things in life. After sometime, his mother received a better position and created a stable life for her family. 

His oldest sister (Vernelle Teague) had a style like none other. She would get the latest shoes and clothing that were worn by the Hip Hop artists of that era. She often would challenge Teleon to a rap battle in the kitchen of their apartment. He definitely received a lot of embarrassing losses as his sister would come up with clever sentences that devastated Teleon. He would eventually learn the art of processing words fast enough to make a story become a weapon in these battles. His uncle (Kolaso Gilmore) began teaching him the art of producing and help him perfect his craft. Teleon also met a friend in the seventh grade whom he refers to as Big B. Together they created a group called The Compound. These two would engage in rap battles and freestyle sessions with whom ever was willing to participate. They became known for their fancy word play and lyrical content. 

Big B continues to motivate and encourage Teleon everyday. He moved to Dallas,Texas at the age of 14 where he became influenced by the unique cultures of both places. Teleon became a member of Somethin Like A P!mp, a talented group of individuals known for their swag and mind blowing lyrics. The group would record numerous songs and also perform at local parties and clubs. After returning to Indianapolis in 2005 he became involved in activities that would lead to his incarceration. In 2008 Teleon received 25 years in the Department of Corrections and was released January 7, 2019 after serving 10 1\2 years. 
Now his focus is family and doing what he loves to do best, create music. Teleon has recently hooked up with Chocolate Cinema Productionz and created the Intro for The Platform Live podcast. He has consistently been in the top ten Hip Hop artists in Indianapolis according to ReverbNation. He continues to seek new opportunities while learning much about submitting his music to the world. He is definitely here to stay as one of Hop Hop’s hottest emerging artists.
Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's October/November 2019 issue 10, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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