On Stage With energetic Boxcer Hex full of throttled folk music

The crowd at Riggers was anxiously awaiting the start of the set. Perhaps, they were anxiously savoring their remaining minutes of quiet. With two minutes to go, it was tough to tell. Boxcar Hex was ready to start his set of ‘full throttled folk’ but there was one issue: his family and friends were still stuck in traffic. They were making a long trip down to Seaside Heights, NJ for the Jersey Shore Festival and he wanted to give them every second he could to show up.
 His set starts with the Rolling Stones song “Dead Flowers”. ‘Always one of my favorites,’ says Hex. ‘I changed the lyrics a bit to reference the Preakness Derby and cut out the drug reference. I mean, my mother was in the audience.’ He cuts through several of his originals along with another cover, “Ms. Eliza”. ‘I’ve been playing that song since I heard Dowdy Smack play it in the mid-90’s. It’s almost a standard to me. Was really happy to break it out.” The performances have slowed down for Boxcar Hex, but songwriting remains a steady activity for him. ‘There are periods where I will write twenty songs in a two to three week period. Maybe five of them will survive. And maybe I will take pieces of five more and use them for other songs. 

When the well starts giving, I never turn it away.’ ‘I feel that I have graduated as a songwriter. A few years ago I was interviewed and said you have to follow the song. I don’t disagree with that now. It’s still important. However I think I am now also able to lead the song. For instance, I wrote “The Boo Hoo Song” with the thought that I wanted something that was easy for the crowd to follow. I probably had just heard “Sympathy for the Devil” and had the woo-hoos in mind. But the entire song was written around that premise. Another project I worked on started with a line at someone handed me and wanted me to work around. I picked up the guitar, sang it and just started playing and the song came out.’
Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's October/November 2019 issue 10, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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