Jave is On A Spokenword Mission!!

Hordaland Norway based Jon Arne Vereide Emberland aka Jave teamed up with BGF Sound, and produced track with titled “BoomBap”. "Life is what you make out of it, and you create your own dream life! And I don’t care about what, anybody out there, thinks or says about me! I follow my own flow, and keep it real. I have unbelieving sick, sick, sick abnormal condition strong ADHD and I have also dyslexia. So are not normally a single place, having so strong adhd and dyslexia! My adhd doctor have never seen anyone with such strong adhd before so I have. He has taken this up with the other top doctors, about how I’m as a person etc.... I also take up that my medicine dose are to low on me, and i have all ready over max legal dose on elvanse so are max 70mg every day. But no one of those doctors have ever heard or had a patient like that! Just those regular standard adhd dose so people have. So life have been a hell of a deal for me! I have always been that weird special kid. So had to face all of the bullies so called me only bad words, and beaten me up from first grade to 7th grade this sh!t every day! Back to old school days, trying to study my brain to be smart, but no hope for me there. I was just bullied and beaten up on, just because i was not being able to read, and write like the other kids. So made it all in to pain every single day, i cried to my mom so that I could stay home from school. 

Long dark cold nights crying in my bed for being so dumb and different. Nightmares made me into face the worst side of me, just because of all the hate forced they me to go to a-psychologist. For clearly this boy are different and insane give this boy some medicine drugs, to burn out his mind so he can be kind little guy! Always heard people say he has no future stupid as  teachers, friends, doctors, and yeah them all….. 

I just wanted to run way, and never face this again. Everyone was picking on me, the dumb weakest of them all living trough hell in 7 years. Hell yeah thats boy are f*ck now for all the good love yeah school what a great show! Hell no!!!! I say f*ck that sh!t and to all the people so backed me up there and was so damn nice to me. 1 year later all went to hell and i become the bad guy the worst of them all darkness over me! Demons, monsters, the devil wants me now, to f*cked up after always living in pain. Pain like rain wave blood out of my brain, darkness over my head I was fade away to become something worse than devil him self! I was gone never become the same after always feeling so bad, and all the hate, all the pain, all the same, never coming any way. So that why I have all the shame, cant believe that i made it to day not going the easy way, okey I tried that one time when I almost come to the end just being 10 years old. 

I jumped from a mountain clip just sick to think back on it, that mom felt something was wrong that day. She founded me on the ground not moving or making a sound. She really thought i was dead, i must have a angel in my life. so may times i should had been dead! But I’m still alive and I cant under stand why! How is this even possible??? When i know what i have been trough over my time, so no one can survive from and this have happen so many times. 3 times in car accidents, taking so much drugs over doses. So are over 1000 times max over dose, so I’m happy that I’m still alive! But how and why I’m still here are f*cking insane!!! But I know there are something more out there between heaven and earth, than we ever gonna be able to imagination is true!
 For all the drugs I have taking are bad as hell! On stuff that a regular guy so haven’t build up a tolerance on it, had die on 1 of those pills that I eat. I really love to be f*cked up so I have a problem with sh!t like that, so many i eat and mixed with all kind of bad drugs. So am i dead is this a dream for no one can survive all of that sh!t i putted in me that day, so i cant under stand how I’m still her today. But I’m glad for that so thanks god for giving me this power i have, or else i had been gone a long time ago! I have always been crazy as hell doing stupid sh!t, and always felt I cant make a damn sh!t right in this life! So i'm actually good at something for once in my life, making this in to something good and right so make me feel so good! So I can prove to everyone out there who has told me. That I will never come any way in my life, and that i never going to become something big! So that one day i could disproved that all of them had wrong about me, and underestimate me on what I have always told to them! So I have always fought for that, and had this goal to make something great out of my life. 

So people will remember my name one day, for what i have been trough over my past with all kind of f*cked up sh!t! So are a bad hard place to be in, and a hell of a fight with your own mind. When you think over your life, and all the time you have wasted away! So you never are getting back. All the money you have lost, on destroying your own life! And the worst of it all, how bad i f*cked up my family, and friends with the way that i was back at that time. The people so really meant the most to me in my life, so i love so much to have in my life. Now when i think back to this why was i so f*cking dumb!!!??? They all was just trying to help me out of that sh!t, and i was just giving a hell about them...... f*ck i have done so much bad sh!t! So i wish i could just fix, in a way with out going back in time to fix it! For with out all the bad sh!t i have experienced over my life, i had never been that person I’m to day. Now I’m knowing so much more stuff, so I’m able to do with my life along as i go my own way and believe in myself. 

Thats all you need to create your dream life, when you se it all in your mind, you attract it in to your life! Thoughts and words are magic! So be careful over what you are saying and thinking, for thats what you actually are asking about to get in to your life. The truth is I’m struggling with the same sh!t right now in my life too, but i have been much better dealing with those problems now. I actually clear to hold me away from that, to get my driver license back. So i was sober for 8 months, getting help with my adhd with starting on medication. So helped me a-lot on my road to stay clean, so helped me to stay away from everything else. So i had used with out the medication help. But enough of that sh!tty story...... 

Its too hard for me to speak about, it was the darkest time of my life, when i had absolutely no control over what i did to f*cked up on drugs.... Doing so much f*cked up stuff, that you cant even imagination it or believe that sh!t! Maybe one day i gonna tell that story, only time will show that one day! Now i have teamed up with BGF Sound, and I’m working with them it was also BGF so made the art cover + the mixing and mastering on the track BoomBap. 
HAHAH it’s kind of a funny story now when i think back, on how we come in contact with each other. Since that day i almost first started with music in my life. One day i posted a little clip on insta when i rap, like i have always did from the start to now. So one day i was postering a clip on insta, of my next new song that i should release Sleep Walking. Then BGF sent me a dm and written this. Hey! Checked ya stuff, pretty good, tho some things might be upgraded bruh. We're a team of 14 professionals focusing on providing affordable industry quality. We have some big plans for the future together as a team, so we are a perfect match in this team work, i like them and they like me! There are soon coming out a new single track. I have no actually date on when, the new track it's gonna be released out. 

I can say this to all of you after my next track so are coming out now soon, one word album time yeah! I don’t really know when we start on that album, but i can say this!!!! There are going to be some big, artist name on my upcoming album. So all of you can see forward to this sup rice! My next single track i promise gonna make some fire noise, and are better than my last song BoomBap. I'm pushing hard for this is my dream, this is what i want in my life! The only thing I’m good at in my life, so i I’m working with music every day getting better and better. Im just free-styling to all kind of beats, and I’m also writing many new songs. So I have much sick stuff going on, so i have hidden away for a long time! In my secret back pack to that day, when its gonna come out with a smash attack!" he explained.
Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's October/November 2019 issue 10, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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