Next upcoming American Hip Hop Artist 2 LA KiL

"What making a compelling artist ?", that is the question many Hip-Hop artist struggle to answer today. Most strive for record breaking chart numbers, others push for a huge fanbase, 2 LA uses his words, look, and content to implement a new concept of what the definition of what Hip-Hop is.

Based mainly in Southern, Virginia, the artist has excelled with his music career in the past months releasing his debut album "2 Die 4", followed by his second release of "Consume Buy Demand". Both albums push the status quo of material worship and the constant glorification of negativity. With songs like "The World Above", "High Low Vibes", and "Material Lies", the two albums mold a future concept of how to deal with find the purpose of life. Paired with production from some of the world's top producers such as WHYZOO, BrokeBoi, and Kevin Katana, the albums use a very sinister vocal pattern in order to deliver the message of delivery, freedom, and mastery of the mind.

Not just the music stands as a staple for the artist but also the certain irony in his name "KiL", which holds a negative connotation amongst most of mainstream culture. The use of the name has turned heads since his early age, moving from country to country and state to state, the rapper has had to breakthrough the go-to interpretation of the name. After incorporating the "2", used to pay homage to the late rapper, Tupac Shakur, and "LA", also to commemorate Hip-Hop trio De La Soul, 2 La Kil has invented a new spin on what is today called "golden age music". The American rapper has somewhat found a way to also reshape the use of the word "kill" in order to fit a more positive meaning for a worldwide audience adding the 2 LA in order to symbolize the cryptic battle between the higher and low self.

After shopping himself to some of the industries top executives and playing shows in Virginia, North Carolina, Atlanta, and California, the artist has quickly adapted to the industry, collecting attention in each and every city he has traveled to. Combining the style of southern rap with universal sounds has been the main standout weapon for the artist. A distinct sound has found a way to propel the musical reach of the artist, recently collaborating with UK artist Zak Abel, Virginia artist TR808, and KaitoDaPlug, the rappers broad reach to many audiences has show the diversity experienced  not only in his upbringing but in his current lifestyle.

Pushing the movement (925 Sound&Co.), used to bring together the disadvantaged lower class of the United States of America. Somewhat using music as a religion has driven a concept of love, peace, and unity through his sound. Educating the youth about world events, such as 9/11, the current President Donald Trump, and world politics, acts as a revitalizing engine for the genre. With the 2020 election arriving, many Americans have adopted a sense of fear with regards to systematic corruption, and the political agenda of our present political candidates. Many artist have swayed away from instructing how to liberate and instead have to solely to trap music in order to express themselves. Learning to develop and grow has been no problem for the artist, taking every stride needed in order to counteract the bleak despair of several mind-states.

The artist's main influences Kendrick Lamar, Andre 3000, Tupac, and Lauryn Hill, have helped him to make more of a cohesive flow between rhythm and blues and Hip-Hop/ Rap. Describing the genre as a movement of knowledge, and differentiating between rap has canceled boundaries of what style the artist actually subscribes to. Adding a newfound respect for lyrical Hip-Hop has been the rappers main intention, inspired chart topping North Carolina artist "J.Cole", and few others, the artist hopes to bring a new element to what is going on in the current climate of music. It is evident that the game is in need for a young talent to constitute what the current status quo is and 2 La KiL is very close to fulfilling that position.

Currently pushing the breakout single "New Cents", which has garnered attention from several listeners on Soundcloud, the rapper is intending to release another album set to release sometime in the Fall of 2020. 
Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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