AV Super Sunshine’s “Candyland Remixes Volume 1”

AV Scores Big With Volume 1 of “Candyland" Trilogy

AV Super Sunshine has recently dropped “Candyland Remixes Volume 1” which has been attracting a lot of attention in some pretty high circles.  Produced and mixed by legendary hit maker Michael Bradford,  “Candyland Volume 1” is a collection of songs about AV’s escapades with PTSD, severe depression and anxiety, the prescription anti-depressant Pristiq, and medical hypnosis.

The groundwork for the “Candyland Remixes” project happened while AV was recording with a group of veteran musicians which included Michael Bradford at Ben Folds’ studio in Nashville.  It was there AV recorded a riveting collection of 14 songs which turns the wild story of all of his medications and medical hypnosis adventures into pure pop and rock delights.  AV appropriately named the project “Candyland”.  “I created it in the hopes that maybe my story could help people like me,” he says.

AV’s “Candyland” 14 song full band album was recorded at Ben Folds Studio (RCA Victor Studio A) in Nashville.  Overdubs were done at House of Blues and Dream On Studios. It was produced by Grammy nominated James House and recorded/mixed by engineer Joe Costa.  Every sound is a real mic’d instrument played in real time by a real musician.  There’s cool riffs, fun 70s inspired vocals, electric guitar, and real mic’d handclaps.

These studio tracks by the artist lay the foundation for the release of “Candyland Remixes, Volume 1”.  The friendship with Bradford which eventually led to a powerhouse collaboration with the veteran pop/R&B producer, whose superstar resume includes Anita Baker, Madonna, Kid Rock, Dave Stewart and Deep Purple.  “It just felt good working together” AV explains, “Before we knew it, we had a slew of dance and crossover club hits with a reported forty thousand club DJs supporting the remixes”.

According to AV, “Once the music is all released, I envision creating a movie based on these songs and my life. The circumstances of how I got sick and my adventures at the shrink. Highlights of my involuntary hypnosis sessions and dosing on the anti-depressant I call Candyland.  It’s a journal of my journey out of this cycle through music and living my musical dreams as AV Super Sunshine. Sometimes, the only way to survive and create a meaningful life is to completely re-imagine yourself.”

Of the first three singles from “Candyland Volume 1”, “Apple,” “Orange,” and “Timebomb” all hit the number one spot on both the Starfleet crossover and dance charts.  Additionally, Apple hit #2 on the EuroIndie Top 200, #12 on DRT’s Global Rock Airplay chart and #31 DRT’s Gobal Adult Contemporary Airplay chart; Orange hit #2 on the EuroIndie Top 200, #18 on DRT’s Global Rock Airplay chart and #35 on DRT’s Global Adult Contemporary Airplay chart; “Time Bomb” hit #2 on Euro Indie Music’s Top 200 and #47 on DRT’s Global Pop Airplay chart.

Taking a cue from the “Love Movement” style that was invoked by the new beat generation so many years ago, the inner peace theory finds a new and powerful home on “Candyland Remixes Volume 1”.  For the multi-talented songwriter, guitarist and performer who re-invented himself as AV Super Sunshine, it’s been the fuel taking him over the last decade from a diagnosis of PTSD, severe depression and anxiety disorder to the cusp of indie rock and dance stardom.  

As a result of his journey, the singer-songwriter infused “Candyland Remixes Volume 1’”with an excellent combination of deeply personal and engagingly universal emotions that surround people’s journey to cherish life again. AV Super Sunshine is continuing their ascent into the musical consciousness of music devotees around the world whose growing numbers will only hasten their rise. It is a memorable album that doesn’t take shortcuts, shows discipline and focus alike, and sparks with fire and passion. It bodes well as the entirety of Candyland Vol. 1 will undoubtedly leave a mark on anyone encountering AV Super Sunshine for the first time. 

AV's Baby Goodbye was released to CMJ radio as a single in July 2015 and with grass-roots fan support hit #7 on Billboard's Hot Singles Sales chart in October 2015.  AV launched a followup to radio that same month with Just Like Kurt, a Kurt Cobain tribute EP (CMJ Top 100), followed in May 2016 by Baby Goodbye (CMJ Top 100) and in November Bass Face (CMJ Top 100).  AV's recordings spent 47 weeks in 2016 on the CMJ college radio charts while receiving over 500 individual radio station adds.  His music videos are featured weekly on dozens of music shows available for view in tens of millions of homes on both cable and network TV.  In 2017 songs and remixes from AV Super Sunshine's Bass Face crushed both the global dance and crossover club charts with now over 40,000 DJ's worldwide reporting spinning his songs weekly.
Though the AV Super Sunshine was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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