New Filipino Pop Artist Ianne Lloyd

Ianne Lloyd is an up-and-coming pop artist who is based in Marion, Indiana. He currently has two singles out on all streaming platforms: his debut single “Ride,” featuring Ronny Ronjay and “M Y M B”. He is also featured in Ronny Jackson’s single “Wish You Well”. Ianne’s newly released single, “M Y M B,” will be the leading single of his soon to be released self-titled EP. This EP will revolve around the early stages of love. 

It will explore the themes of falling in love, denying one’s emotions for a person, as well as accepting one’s true feelings for the one that they desire. The project will be produced by Ianne himself, his mentor Daniel Luttrell, and good friend Adam Fonacier, along with the help of Benji Nicols and Tommy Schilb. The self-titled EP will feature four tracks with his signature pop and RnB fused style. It will then be followed by another EP, which will be followed by an album. Stages, the working title for his debut album, has not yet received an official release date, but is expected to be dropped sometime in late 2020-early 2021.

Ianne is a recent graduate of Ivy Tech Community College of Indiana with an Associate’s of Science. Usually done over the course of two years, Ianne was able to complete his degree in eleven months, making him a member of a select group of students who have completed the Accelerated Associate’s Program (ASAP). His drive came from his desire to jump start his music career by getting all of his general college courses out of the way as quickly as possible, allowing him to focus on what he is truly passionate about: his music. Ianne plans to further his education in music engineering at the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Science (CRAS) in Phoenix, Arizona, where he will start at the beginning of next year.

Born in Manila, Philippines on November 18, 1998, Ianne and his family immigrated to the United States in late 2006 at the age of seven. He grew up in a musical family, with a mom who was a singer and a dad who was a dancer. Two of his uncles are guitarists and vocalists as well as dancers. With these strong influences from the adults in his life, he grew up listening to the music they enjoyed. All throughout his childhood, he listened to a large variety of genres such as 2000’s pop, original Filipino music (OPM) , rock, etc. However, he has always had a strong bond with classic RnB music. All of these genres have impacted Ianne’s style to this day. Western artists such as Charlie Puth, Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake, Maroon 5, and One Republic all have strong influences on Ianne’s upcoming project as well as artists from his home country, like Sponge Cola, Parokya ni Edgar, and IV of Spades.

Although Ianne’s love for and fascination with music has been lifelong, he had never put much thought into being a professional musician until he joined the 26th St. Innovations Show Choir as a freshman at Marion High School. Ianne Lloyd participated in show choir for the full four years, becoming the dance captain after freshman year. He was also a part of the Marion High School Dance Team, becoming part of the leaders after sophomore year. Thanks to show choir, dance team, and the support of his family, friends, and teachers, Ianne developed his love  for performing and has since pushed himself to pursue a career in music as a performer/recording artist. His younger sisters have followed in his footsteps, with his younger sister being a four year member of show choir and his youngest sister also being active in show choir at their high school.

Ianne says “As a musician, I want to be able to create substantial music that will become timeless classics, and hope one day to become one of the greats alongside legendary recording artists.” His next single, “What You’re Made Of,” will be coming out soon in collaboration with fellow artist and close friend A. S. Phonation (Adam Fonacier) before the release of his self-titled EP.
Though he was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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