iZ(e) – windows of the soul

Saint-Petersburg is called a cultural capital of Russia for a distinct reason. This beautiful city hides a ton of ancient secrets and happens to be tough to its citizens. The soul of Saint-Petersburg has been a muse for many artists of all genres: poets, musicians, writers, actors and artists of fine art. The bright palette of musical genres is an integral part of the city as is architecture, music is in the heart of it. Sometimes here you can find jazz in a purest form, almost extinct in all other places, and sometimes you find strange alloys of styles that stand on the edge of insanity, when completely different musicians and other artists come together to make some noise. 

One of such bands was founded in 2017 – iZ(e). A couple members of a different musical project: a drummer Oleg, a vocalist Michael and a DJ Tony joined forces with a guitarist Elijah started a band which would combine different styles of rock, pop, ethnical and other kinds of sounds. The musicians are constantly looking for a distinct unique sound and incorporate various instruments in their songs, as well as studio and live sound effects. Sometime later the band acquired another guitarist Basil and an electric bass virtuoso Kate. The concept of the band suggests that a performing team may change depending of the setlist or wind direction, that’s in the name – Independent performerZ (iZ). The band records a first EP “iT” at an ancient indie studio called  "Watchmaker".

The simplicity of melodies and rawness of sound are supposed to direct an emotional focus of a listener to a place long abandoned by modern sound producers and developers. The text is also being simplified to deliver the right (or wrong, whatever, you decide as a listener) message. The scarlet thread of all the songs is a global loneliness of every human in a crowd and an unbeatable hope for improvement. The band’s name is also polysemantic despite its simplicity. 

To complement the aforementioned decryption the phonetical meaning of iZ(e) is obvious – “The eyes”. Those windows to our souls help us communicate without words, see what people think and care of. The first time we use our eyes we trust them more than any other sense, even though we see upside down for a while. We merit other people by their eyes. We are trying to be the eyes of a modern society in which any person could see something familiar. Band is actually working on SP and playing many concerts.
Though the band was featured in recently released Lifoti's September 2019 issue 09, you can check it from below link's for your country:

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